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How to use UpdatePanelAnimationExtender in Ajax?

Showing update progress in your web page while submitting the data or fetching the data from the database is a common requirement while developing the application. So sometimes you need to show the updation in an attractive manner. Here comes the Ajax UpdatePanelAnimationExtender for you to show the update progress in an animated manner.

Ajax PasswordStrength Control to display password strength

This article explains the uses and properties of Ajax PasswordStrength control. This control is used with password Textbox. In almost all application we create user registration form where we ask the user to enter their password, this extender can be used at that time. Using this control we can inform the user that his/her password is easily breakable or not.

How to use Ajax BalloonPopupExtender?

Have you ever used Ajax BalloonPopupExtender? If not then this is the right time to learn how to use Ajax BalloonPopupExtender. Ajax BalloonPopupExtender allows you to make a rich webpage with less code which help to attract the user.

How to display data from Excel file in to a GridView?

In this article , I will explains how to display data from Excel file in to a ASP.NET Gridview control using OLEDB data provider. Using this code you can import both .xls and .xlsx type of excel file into your GridView.

Disadvantages of outsourcing to India

People always discuss about advantages of outsourcing to India. But here I would like to discuss what are the disadvantages if a company decided to outsource thier work to India.

Most popular outsourcing Companies in India

Here I am going to list most popular companies providing outsourcing service to India. IOAP - International Association of Outsourcing Professionals declare top outsourcing companies list every year using different criteria. This article explains complete details about it.

How to use Title Case in ASP.NET

Below code snippet shows how to use Title case in ASP.NET. Title case allows you to change the first letter of the word to an upper case.

What is a Linked Server?

What is a Linked Server:- Linked server configuration allows Microsoft SQL Server to execute commands against OLE DB data sources on different servers.

How to check Windows Service Status using C#

How to check Windows Service Status using C#? Below code can be used to check the status of the windows service. This code can be converted as a console application and can be scheduled in windows scheduler to check the windows service status automatically.

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