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How to create table in sql server 2005?

In this article, I have mentioned syntax of sql server 2005. It will be helpful for SQL server 2005 beginners. Data Manipulation Language (DML) is easy to use and understand.

How to implement Anonymous Methods in C#?

This article will demonstrate Anonymous Methods in C#. I hope it will be useful for all beginners of C#. In this article, list is used for Anonymous Methods implementation. If the value is found in the list then output will be displayed as "Value found in the list."

How to use yield to return expression in C#?

This article will demonstrate yield keyword implementation. I hope it will be useful for all beginners of C#. This questions is asked in various technical interview questions for experienced candidates those who have more than 6+ years of experience as well.

Advanced technical interview questions for 6+ years of experience.

Description - As our years of experience grows, we have to face tough and tricky questions at the time of interview. More questions are based on particular scenarios which help interviewer to evaluate candidates based on their approach for that questions and also analytical skills. I am giving few advanced interview questions here, it would be great if readers will share answers for these questions. It will be helpful for me as well as for other developers who are enhancing their skills.

How to design different layouts in WPF application?

Are you new to WPF? Do you want to learn WPF? This application will teach you to set different layouts for controls in WPF application using the WPF toolkit.

How to apply different skins to WPF applications?

Are you new to WPF development? In WPF, you can replace resources, styles at runtime. It is the added advantage for developer. You can completely change the face of UI by using skins. I hope this article will be useful for you.

How to create HTTP pipeline in ASP.net 3.5?

In ASP.net, you can do server-side HTTP programming which is highly flexible and easy to customized. Global.asax only runs with ASP.NET files which are served from IIS and those do not go through Begin_Request in ASP.NET. I hope this article will be useful for all .Net users.

How to implement static class using console application?

In this article, class is accessed without creating its instance, such class is called as static class. Whenever required methods do not need to be attached to a specific instance of the class, static class can be used. I hope this article will be useful for all beginners of .Net

How to get attribute value of image tag using jQuery?

Are you new user to jQuery? Then this code snippet will be useful for you. You can use this to find different attribute values of different tags. Make sure "jquery-1.4.1.js" file exists in scripts folder of your .Net application else you can download it.

Know more about LINQPAD4

Are you new users for LINQPAD4? Then this article will help you to understand basic purpose to use LINQPAD4. LINQ is a client/server application. LINQPad compiles queries using .NET's CSharpCodeProvider (or VBCodeProvider). LINQPad's engine runs in a separate application domain.

How to implement factory design pattern?

Are you new to factory design pattern? Factory design pattern hides complexity from end user. I hope this code will be helpful for beginners of .Net design patterns. Factory is a object oriented creational pattern.

How to crack a telephonic interview?

When we are looking for new job,we must face telephonic interview. Your confident voice, technical preparation will help you to go one step ahead of getting good job. I hope this article will be helpful for you all in cracking the telephonic interview.

What are the variables and configurations in SSIS?

SSIS stands for SQL Server Integration Services. It includes variables and configurations related information. It is the new data transformation standard for SQL Server 2005. I hope this article will be helpful to all beginners of SSIS.

How to use inheritance using TypeScript?

Class based object oriented programming can be done through TypeScript. It can be used in any JavaScript host. Application-scale JavaScript applications can be developed by using TypeScript. I hope it will be useful for you all.

What are layouts available in WPF?

This article will be useful for people who are good at programming but not in designing GUI. I have included various layout information which can be used at the time of developing page. I hope you will like this article.

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