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JQuery Interview Question

Are you preparing a Jquery interview? I have given some frequently asked JQuery Interview Questions and answers, which will surely help you to crack your interview

When to use ASP.NET Webforms and ASP.NET MVC

In this article I have explained, When to use ASP.NET Webforms and ASP.NET MVC. We know what is ASP.NET and what is ASP.NET MVC, but we are confused when to favor which technology

ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers - I

In this article I will take you to vital ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers, it will help you to brush-up your ASP.NET MVC concept just before going to an Interview, so lets check with it

Scanned PDF to OCR (Textsearchable PDF)

Are you looking for a way to convert scanned PDF to Textsearchable PDF ? then read this article, I have explained How to convert Scanned PDF to OCR (Textsearchable PDF) using C# and with the help of some addon tools

Tricky SQL Server Interview Question and answers

Are you preparing for a SQL server interview? want some tricky questions and answers that will give you break through? Here I have some bunch of question and answers to get you through interview

Convert Text to Image using C#

Many times we need to convert a textual information to image, here I explained how to convert textual information from textbox or richtextbox to image using C#

Word Automation using VB.NET

In this article i have explained how to automate word applications with the help of VB.NET, Many peoples are not aware of COM interop applications, this is a basic article that gives idea about the word automations.

How search engine works-SEO Tips

In this article i have explained how search engine works, How to follow search engine optiomization technique and How to make your webpages polpular.

A Beginner's chapter to learn View State

We know HTTP is stateless protocol hence it cannot persist values across page postback. To overcome this problem statemanagment technique is in action. Viewstate is one of the client side state management technique used to persist web form values during postback. This article will give you idea about Viewstate, its usage and syntax.

Secure your data with Triple DES Encryption

Data security is very crucial thing now days, hackers are always ready to dig a leak hole in your data line and grab your valuable information. This article will let teach the technique to encrypt your data and make it safe. Using Triple DES Encryption technique you can be able to encrypt/decrypt your data. The encryption is done with the help of your key.

BreakPoints - makes your development easier

What are breakpoints and how can we efficiently work with them and use them to make your development easier and faster? This article will include points like debugging tips, execution control transfer, stepIn and stipOut through methods and other usage of debugger.

Check all functionality using Javascript in Gridview

This is a small article that helps you to implement popular functionality of check all, it helps you to put checkbox in gridview view header and on click of that checkbox all check boxes will checked at once

Debug your stored procedure

In this article i have explained how to debug your stored procedure with the digramatic representation. Many developer unaware of debugging in Stored Procedure with the help of visual studio SQL server addins, this article really helpful for them

Add Prerequisites in application deployment

In this article i have explained, How to add Prerequisites application deployment. To successfully run our application, sometimes we need some dependent software to be installed first. This atricle explain you how to add prerequisite for your application deployment.

Send Email from your Gmail Account using ASP.NET

In this article I have explained how to send email using ASP.NET with your GMAIL account. We can use system.net.mail and smtp pop server for sending email using asp.net. This article help you to configure your code and some userful settings.

Secure your web.config by encryption

In this article i am explained How to encrypt web.config with RSA encryption standard. Many times Impersonation tags are easily chop due to plain text in web.config but we can make it secure with encrption standard.

Generate Scripts for database using wizard

Here i explained the way to create Script for database and it's tables using wizard. we can use SQL server 2005/2008 for it. often we need to deploy blank database to QC for testing it will take a long to genetate scripts, By using this technique we can save lot of time to writing bulky queries.

How to improve Performance of Visual Studio 2010?

In this article I have explained, how to speed up our visual studio editor operations. Some times application takes long time to build resources but this is due to our settings in visual studio editor. Here I elaborate how to improve performance of visual studio editor.

VIEW in SQL Server : A short trip

In this article, i have explain you about the VIEWs in SQL Server, it's creation, types of views exist in sql and delete existing view. Basically view are virtual table containing columns from different tables.

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