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General tips for coding and SQL server

This article explained about the general tips for coding and SQL server. It helps to improve your technical aspects in an optimized way. To improve the speed of the application and 80% to 90% of quality assurance we have to follow these steps which is mentioned in this article.

Compare two database schema in two different server

This article explains about comparison between two database schema in two different server. While updates in live server, we are able to get all the scripts of stored procedures and execute directly to the server. At the same it will not possible to execute the table scripts because it may have lot of real time data. So confusions occur while updating our table structure changes to live server. I have found a good and easiest solution to upgrade our table structures to live server.

Calendar control using jQuery

In this article, I will be explaining to you how to implement the calendar control with one input and calendar image icon using jQuery. This jQuery calendar functionality is easy to implement, customize. We can also customize the calendar showing animations.

Basic Dropdown Menu using jQuery

In this article, I will explain to you about the implementation of the basic and stylish drop down menu. While designing the websites most of the user needs the attractive designs and menu styles. As a developer we can’t design the menu. Using jQuery anyone can easily create the stylish drop down menu within 30 minutes.

Auto format Currency using jQuery

In this article, I will explained how to format the numeric text into currency format automatically using jQuery. Whenever we entered the amount in a text box we need to display that entered amount into currency format for US dollar. US currency amount should be displayed like this - $25,000.00. But we don’t need to enter dollar and the ‘,’ separation for the amount. So, we need to convert the entered amount to US currency format with the ‘$’ symbol and ‘,’ separation.

Get plain text from HTML content

This code snippet is very useful to getting the plain text from HTML content. Most of the web pages we need to enter the long descriptions through the multiline text box and need to display that entered text into a div element. Suppose if the text has some html tags, then the tags are not displayed as like the text. It always rendered as HTML automatically. So we need to validate or remove the HTML tags from the entered text. In this code snippet, I explained how we get the plain text from html content.

Overview - Javascript function acts as a class

This code snippets explained, How the function will act as a class in javascript. We can also define our own custom events for particular object through this class. Classes are very useful for storing many values into one object rather than creating many variables. A class holds many variables, methods, events. So using classes we can handle all the critical solution easily. Here I explained the class using one clear example.

Email parser - Reading emails using C#

Email parser is a program (Similar to outlook functionality) for reading emails from mail server like gmail, yahoo, etc., Using this program, we can easily maintain our email with attachments in sql database. I did this application using an "OpenPop.dll".

Process loader using update progress control

This article explained about how to implement the loading progress using update progress control. It is simple and easy to implement our web applications. While loading it prevents the unwanted clicks.

Customize paging in datalist control

This code snippet is explain about the custom paging in data list control. The gridview control defaultly has the paging functionality, but in datalist manually we want to design or implement the paging functionalities. Rather than gridview we can easily design the templates in datalist.

Capture and save images from Web camera using C# and ASP.NET

This C# code sample explains how to capture and save images or videos directly from your web camera. This web camera functionality is implemented using flash and C# and ASP.NET. Learn more about how to capture images from webcamera using .NET and save in to your computer.

Communicate with input device

This codes is useful to communicate with the input devices. Whenever the input device button is pressed catch the event and perform some operation like open the notepad, play the song etc.,

USB insert or remove notifications

This article explained about when the USB is newly insert or remove into your system then it notify a message box with relevant actions.

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