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Gridview highlight when selected

The code snippet will highlight the row when the mouse is moved over any cell in that row When any cell is clicked, that row is highlighted and the GridView_SelectedIndexChanged event is triggered

Passing parameter to sql script file (stored procedure) from a batch file

I made use of batch file and script file (which executes SP) For it firstly ,I need to invoke batch file from the code , i need to pass data from code to a batch file and in batch file i need to call a sql script file which executes different stored procedures . (I also need to pass parameters from batch file to script file )

ColumnSearch is an SP

ColumnSearch is an SP (Stored Procedure), which we can use to search a column on all the databases from a Server and Find what databases and objects a column belongs to; it also shows the size of Column. This SP should be executed from master database only.

State Management

In general, Webapplications are stateless i.e. the objects wont persist its state accross request to the web application. In other words, the State or Cache Management is nothing but the way to storing the data in Client-Side and in Server-Side using pretty small memory to maintain its state. There are two major categories of the above : 1. Server-Side State Management 2. Client-Side State Management

Data Warehousing

Data warehouse is a large database system designed for the purpose of data analysis. It is the design and implementation of processes, tools, and facilities to manage and deliver complete, timely, accurate, and understandable information for decision making.

Globalization snippet

Globalization is the process of designing and developing applications that function for multiple cultures. CultureInfo : Provides information about a specific culture. The information includes the names for the culture, the writing system, the calendar used, and formatting for dates and sort strings. CultureTypes : Defines the types of culture lists that can be retrieved using System.Globalization.CultureInfo.GetCultures(System.Globalization.CultureTypes).

Common Logging method throughout the application

This code creates a logfile in the log file path mentioned in the config file and creates a file on daily basis. If a file is already created then the log will be appended in the same file. While using the code written below make sure that the key is defined in the web.config and is getting read in the application variable as per our design. The code can be easily changed to read the value from the config file.

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