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Non-Repetative Random Numbers as per Requirement.

In this article i will show you how can you get non-repetitive and fixed no of digit's random numbers as per your no of digit.there is lot's of methods are used for that.there is simple logic behind that. you can fix no of digit as per your requirement using this code.

How to save & Retrive Images using linq to sql

In this article i will try to explain you that how to save image in database and then how to retrieve it using linq query.In this method we save image in A folder and image name in database also.You can also bind this image in gridview.

How to export PDF FILE by click on particular Row

In this article i will explain how to export pdf file with click on particular row's button with click on it generate a report in pdf format. First of all for export pdf file from asp.net a third party tool is required,because Dotnet don't do this directly so we use itextsharp for that.

Get Seleted Data From Gridview,

In This article i will give a code snippet to get seleted data from gridview on clicking a particular Row's Button ,you can get data from it. There is no checkbox used in it,instead of checkbox i used button here.and you can get data dynamically from gridview,

Pagination in asp.net

In this article I am explaining How to implement paging in ASP.Net GridView control in a simple and easy way. This properties of the GridView come into play when Paging needs to be added. 1. PageSize - Sets the Size of the Page for GridView control 2. PageIndexChanging – The event that will be triggered when the page link is clicked by the user.

Send E-mail with Dynamic Body

This Article is helpful to understand this:- 1)basic part of E-mail. 2)how to make dynamic body of email. 3)send mail with SMTP server. I explain clearly to create dynamic Body part of E-mail Content.

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