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Google + (Feature Missing in Facebook)

The search engine giant Google has launch another product in the Social Networking market to get the share which is almost entirely captured by Facebook. Google now has come up some extra features that are missing form Facebook to be in a fighting place in the social networking market.

Silverlight 5 new features

The Silverlight 5 has been released. There are a lot of new feature are added in this version, this is going to make the programming in the silverlight more easier than the previous version with lot of new feature support. Here are some of the new and the important Feature list of the Silver light 5. That are [art of the Beta release and may be continued in the Full version also.

How to sort dropdownlist using arraylist.

In this code snippets, we can see that How can we Sort a DropDownList with the help of Array List. What we do is simply copy the each value first in an ArrayList then sort that array list, after that we will also copy the value of each item in another array list and after that based on each key we will assing the value to the array list and finaaly back to the drop downliast.

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