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Creating application using ASP.Net MVC 5 with Visual Studio 2013 (Code First Approach)

In this article we will see the new features of Visual Studio 2013 in terms of ASP.Net MVC 5. We will also see the new templates for the ASP.Net MVC and will walk-through by creating a new application in ASP.Net MVC 5 using Visual Studio 2013. We will see each and every steps which needs to create the application in ASP.Net MVC 5 in Visual Studio 2013.Here I am using the Code First Approach in which the database will be created automatically using the Model classes.

Learn AngularJS (v 1.3.4) with basic concepts

This Article is related to the latest UI technology named as AngularJS which uses the MVVM (Model View ViewModel) at the client side JavaScript. In this article we will learn about - what is AngularJS, various directives used in AngularJS

ASP.Net MVC 4 and Social Networking Support (Facebook, Twitter etc) using Visual Studio 2012 IDE

In this article, we will learn how the ASP.Net MVC application is supporting the Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Bing etc. Here I will explain about the integration of the Social Networking sites in ASP.net MVC 4 application and their use as per the current industry requirements. I will use here Visual Studio 2012 IDE and ASP.Net MVC 4 for the implementation. I will show the login for these Social networking sites from our ASP.net MVC 4 application without adding any extra API's

Windows Application using 3-tier architecture

This Article will explain about the creating Windows application using 3-Tier architecture. I am explaining about each layer in details, creating each of the project and then adding the references, developing our windows application and then getting the data in the GridView. You will find the screenshots for each of the activities which will be performed during creation of the application. i have writing the code and made it to available as the screenshots so that it will be highly visible and people can d

Brainstorming Interview questions in C#, ASP.Net, MVC and SQL Server for 2+ yrs Experience

This article contains few questions related to the .Net Technologies. it covers few question related to OOPs concepts, C# and ASP.Net, MVC with SQL Server. These questions are having the answers with them so that they will be helpful for those who are preparing for the interviews. These are the questions which are asked in various interviews in different companies. So in that way also it will be useful as per the current industry trend and demands for 2+ years experience guys in .Net Technologies.

.Net Technical Interview Questions asked in Marlabs, Hyderabad

Hi Friends, This article is related to the .Net interview questions which are asked in Marlabs software services, Hyderabad. If anyone is looking forwards to go to Marlabs,please go through these questions with the answers.Hope they will be helpful.

ASP.Net MVC 4 app using Twitter Bootstrap and Entity Framework 5.0 with Visual Studio 2012 IDE

In this article, We will learn how the ASP.Net MVC application is integrated with the 3rd party tools for creating their Views. I will explain about the Twitter Bootstrap which is one of the Design utility and can be implemented in the Web pages to create the interactive Views. It usages the client side technologies like Ajax, JavaScript and CSS for making the web page more interactive in look and feel.

Active Directory (AD) and Microsoft .Net Technology

This article will talk about the Active Directory and its relation with the Microsoft .Net technology. In the article, we will see by using the Microsoft .Net how can we communicate with the system's Active Directory- like retrieving the user information, saving the user related data to the Active Directory, accessing the system components etc.

LINQPad- A tool for the automation of Linq queries

This article is related to the tool "LINQPad" which is used to create and validate the Linq queries. In this article, I will explain about- from where to download the tool, What all the options in the tool to perform the operations, How this tool is useful in creating the complex Linq queries and optimize the performance and productivity.

MVC3 (model view controller)- a new mvc framework with razor engine by microsoft

This article will describe about the MVC with Razor Engine (MVC 3). It also describes about how to create the Controller classes, Model classes and generate the Views automatically through the Razor Engine. The article explain each and every steps which need to be done while creation of MVC3 architecture in ASP.Net. This article will be useful for those who want to learn the MVC3 in ASP.Net.

18 most common validation scripts to validate the Controls in ASP.Net

The article will explain about the validation scripts which can be used to validate the fields and controls of the web form. These all scripts are binded in to a JavaScript so that the programmer can directly add/include it to their webpage .aspx and the they can use it. Also this script file is modifiable so that they can also include few more scripts if they require, they can also modify as per their business needs.

Creating Code snippet file with the shortcut in Visual Studio 2010

This article will explain about how can we create the Code snippet with its shortcuts in easy way. It will be useful for all those who mainly works on the Maintenance project where they need to add the header of the file with the explanation that when the code was written and for what purpose and who has written it with the date etc.

Smallest JavaScript Code for the SelectAll/UnSelectAll Checkbox in the GridView

This Article will explain with the JavaScript code snippet and the explanation of SelectAll/UnSelectAll check-box in the GridView of ASP.Net. Hope it will be useful for most of the friends who generally get stuck at this point where they need to write a JavaScript which will do this task. Learn Smallest JavaScript Code for the SelectAll/UnSelectAll Checkbox in the GridView.

Visual Studio LightSwitch or Visual Studio 2011

This resource will describe about the new development tool which is the extension of Visual Studio 2011 with lot of features as inbuilt so that the developer only need to think about the application business logic rather than thinking about the whole application architecture and design. Learn Visual Studio LightSwitch or Visual Studio 2011

ASP.Net: Display only time in dropdown list

This resource will show the time only in ASP.Net dropdown list. This code snippet will help to display the 24 hr time with 30 minutes interval duration in the dropdown list. This is the customizable code so that if need to display it in 15 minutes duration, we just need to change it from 30 to 15. Or if we want to display each and every minutes as the interval then we just need to change it to 1 in place of 30, it will display the time accordingly. Find ASP.Net: Display only time in dropdown list.

Date and Time Functions of SQL Server 2008 R2

This article will describe the date and time functions which are available in the latest version of SQL Server 2008R2. Article will also show all the syntaxes which are required to use it in scenarios wherever required. This article is useful to all those who are working in Sql server database.

Code Shortcuts in Visual Studio 2010

This Article will help in writing the code in Visual Studio .Net. By using this article the programmers can use the shortcuts while writing the code and can save their time and effort to remembering all the syntax's. This article contains all the shortcuts available in the Visual Studio 2010(latest version). Find the Code Shortcuts in Visual Studio 2010

3 small things in C# code

The below code snippets will give the clear idea about the 3 things which can be used in the C# best practice code while implementation in any project.

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