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Are you preparing for any job interviews? Read the practical experience of other people on various levels of job interviews including HR interviews, technical interviews and so on. Read how other performed in the interviews and also read some interview tips that would help you confidently attend any interview.

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Visual basic 6 interview Question

In this article, I have given simple Visual basic 6 interview Question this Question are useful for Visual basic Programmer. Basic interview Question asked in visual basic 6.0 and ADO Question Basic

ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers

Candidate who are preparing for .Net Developer interview can refer to the artical which is being provided with detail answers. I hope this would server for the fresher. It contains all the questions regarding ASP.NET and some questions related to WCF and WPF.


question posted to me in an interview about Delegates.

Asp.Net Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions, answered by the designed to both measure your understanding of the concepts presented you with real-life implementation of these concepts.

What is a Linked Server?  

SQL Server to a Group and query both the SQL Server dbs usig T-SQL Statements. With a linked server, you can create very clean, easy to follow, SQL statements that allow remote data to be retrieved, joined and combined with local data.

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