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Are you preparing for any job interviews? Read the practical experience of other people on various levels of job interviews including HR interviews, technical interviews and so on. Read how other performed in the interviews and also read some interview tips that would help you confidently attend any interview.

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.Net Technical Interview Questions asked in Marlabs, Hyderabad

Hi Friends, This article is related to the .Net interview questions which are asked in Marlabs software services, Hyderabad. If anyone is looking forwards to go to Marlabs,please go through these questions with the answers.Hope they will be helpful.

What tips to follow during Hr interview?

This resource is about what tips to follow during Hr interview.Just follow these tips to give a good interview.Preparing for interview beforehand is very important to get success in it.These interview tips are exclusively for freshers.

Interview questions in csharp

What is BOXING and UNBOXING in C#? In how many ways you can create new copies of an existing string in C#? In how many ways you can compare two strings in C# using overloaded methods and operators?

Dotnet interview Question :Capgemini Interview

Dot net interview Question in interview main topics are Dot net framework , CLR(Common language run time ) ,Code access security , object oriented programming concept concepts (oops) ,Sql Query , normalization of tables

MVC interview questions

It is collection of MVC interview questions which I have faced in different technical interviews in various companies. You should be aware of differences and similarities among various versions of MVC. It will help you in tracking purpose of having new templates which are introduced in MVC.

Some Interview Questions for .Net technology

This will help you to prepare technically using these questions. In every interview they will start with OOPS concept. Here I will list out the questions asked by technical round. What is Object Oriented Programming ? What's a Class ?

Interview questions asked for Six+ years experience in SRA system Limited, Chennai

Technical interview questions asked for Six years experience in SRA system Limited, Chennai. It will be useful for candidates who are preparing for the interview. Though most of us know these concepts but get messed-up and unable to explain in interviews as required. This article covers these topics with Code-Snippets that others can refer to understand the topics.

JQuery interview questions

This article is a collection of interview questions of JQuery. JQuery questions article include basic to advanced ones and have mixture of easy, medium, difficult levels. If you wish to explore in JQuery area then you can find answers and post those answers here so those will be helpful for all readers.

Berkadia Services, c# Interview questions for 4+ years experience

I have attended Berkadia Services, hyderabad interview in february 2013. Please find below the list of questions. Hope it will be helpful for people who are going to attend the technical interview. Interview was for C# and ASP.NET. They also asked questions in SQL SERVER along with C# and ASP.NET

Accenture 3+ years Interview questions for .NET(WPF/WCF/C#)

Accenture 3+ years Interview questions for .NET(WPF/WCF/C#). First round is Telephonic interview with Accenture for hyderabad location. The requirement was for WPF and WCF skills for experienced professionals. More stress is given on Design patterns , Events and Delegates.

How to crack a telephonic interview?

When we are looking for new job,we must face telephonic interview. Your confident voice, technical preparation will help you to go one step ahead of getting good job. I hope this article will be helpful for you all in cracking the telephonic interview.

Hoe to Increase SQL Server stored procedure performance

Every Body knows that store procedure is better than Sql query.But The following tips can help you maximize performance of store procedure 1:SET NOCOUNT ON 2.Use return values 3.Don't write select * from [tablename] write select [columnname1],[columnname2] from [tablename] This helps to speed of the query. 4.Don't use Prefix "Sp_" in your store procedure. 5.Use sp_executesql stored procedure instead of the EXECUTE statement. 6.Avoid using temporary tables inside your stored procedure.

Interview Experience in an MNC with 2+ years of experience

I am sharing my interview experience herewith. It was for 2+ years of experience. I am currently part of their company and happy that I have taken right decision on the right time to join this organization.I hope you will like this article..

What is index? Explain type of index?

Here I have explained the concept of index. Index is a one important concept in .Net. So you should know the basic idea about index in .Net. I think this will help you while you go to interview.

Technical Interview - Senior Trainer

I am working as Technical Trainer from past 12 Years, Trained Freshers and Experience people in various software Technical Skill Sets both in Java and .Net Technology. Recently I had attended an interview for .Net Trainer's position in a Reputed Software Company.

Database interview questions

Some of the common database interview questions are given below. You can find the basic questions here and it will be helpful for freshers. Basic Database interview questions are frequently asked in many companies. The question are based on the SQL Server versions this differ for different types of databases.

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