Technical Tips

Looking for some technical tips to make better use of your computer, accessories and your Windows? Find some cool tips on various technologies and devices.

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Fully Qualified Name of an Assembly

This articles mentions the format of the Fully Qualified name of an assembly. This is basically required when SHarepoint solution refers the .Net dll from GAC. Basically it is the prerequisite to convert .Net Aspx page into SharePoint Aspx page.As Sharepoint does not have .cs or .vb files the reference of the dll is required.

Your Website Page Rank

Major concern of Page Ranking, could not increase my page rank on web. Page Rank is not a concern, there are millions of website and to increase your PR is up to you

All keyboard Shortcuts

Using your keyboard wholly and leave-taking your mouse at the back will make you a lot efficient at performing any task on any Windows system. I suggest the following keyboard shortcuts for use:- Windows key + R = Run menu This is usually followed by:

Functions In EXCEL

All that functions that used in Excel & useful in many industries. They Are as follows...

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