Technical Tips

Looking for some technical tips to make better use of your computer, accessories and your Windows? Find some cool tips on various technologies and devices.

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Configure website as SSL

SSL stands for Secure socket Layer .SSL Provides a encrypted mode of secured connection between the server and browser .Follow the steps to configure a normal website as SSL website . This document prepared based on Windows XP/ 2000 IIS.

General tips for C# , .Net, SQL server users.

These are general tips for .Net user. Sometimes we spend large amount of time just to solve simple problem so in such case these tips will help you specially for beginners. If you like this article then please let me know. Happy coding!

SQL DATE Time Convert

During Sql Queries most of the time we need to manipulate the format of Date below I am trying to cover most of the format of date time in sql queries.

What are the best practices for SSIS?

SSIS stands for SQL Server Integration Services. I have included few guidenlines which will help beginners of SSIS. Its always better to follow certain best practices while using SSIS so that performance tuning can be achieved with less efforts.

Shutdown computer using c program

This coding will teach to you how to shutdown windows 7 and windows XP system using c program,this code is well worked on windows 7 and windows xp system,just it will need only turbo c software and type this coding run your program shutdown system

How to create batch file and execute as a windows scheduler?

This article will explain you about how to run your batch file from task scheduler? You can run your console application by sending required arguments using this batch file. I have included simple DOS commands in it. I hope it will be useful for you all.

Start windows feature with Run commands

In this article I will explain how to get or start the window feature with run command box. This is the Second easiest way to start any application or window feature. The First one is start with icon due to window GUI nature.

Microsoft Excel tutorial or working with Excel

Microsoft excel is an application program developed by Microsoft.Excel is what is known as a spreadsheet application. Microsoft excel allows you to create professional spreadsheets including large no. of rows & columns and charts. It includes three components- worksheet, graph and DBMS. It performs numerous functions and formulas.

How to downlaod your videos through Mozilla FireFox

When you watch good videos online on a browser then you want to download into your computer and keep in save for future consideration.So this article is about to the Download option in Mozilla Firefox.I will tell you how to select that option in Mozilla Firefox.

Spark Lines in MS Excel 2010

A SparkLine is basically a small chart displayed in a cell. SparkLines are tiny, word sized charts that can appear in a cell. It enable us to create visual representation of data easily. Use SparkLines to show trends in a series of values such as seasonal increase or decrease, economic cycles etc.,.

Excel to PDF in landscape orientation

In this article, I would like to tell you how to convert an excel file to pdf. I also wanted to tell you something if the worksheet is big due to more number of rows or columns. Go to File -> Print. In that, select the printer as 'Nitro PDF Creator' or 'Adobe PDF' or any other PDF Creator from the drop down list.

How to use mbox in C#?

You can use method by simply typing mbox and it provides you similar functionality same as that of Messagebox.Show() gives. This article explains on how to use mbox in C# to display a Message Box. I hope it will be useful for all people who are not aware of mbox functionality which is available in winforms.

Know more about Code Refactoring

This article will explain about code refactoring, When to do code refactoring and what are the things need to be taken care of while coding. Code refactoring is a technique for restructuring an existing body of code so that your application will give you higher performance. I hope it will be useful for you.

How to save your time with Microsoft Word 2010?

We all must have used Microsoft office. This article will give to brief idea about how to save your time while working in Microsoft Word 2010? Some of the features have been included in this article. You can use Microsoft Word 2010 efficiently after reading this. I hope it will be useful for you all.

Using Regular expressions..

Regular expressions are used to validate the input values, to check it is in correct format as per our requirement. For that we can use the validation controls with expressions. Just drag and drop the regular expression validator and set the target control ID to the textbox to validate. Then set the regular expression.

How to hide #DIV,#N/A,#NAME,#REF,#VALUE errors in excel

The resource is about excel errors, in excel there are many types of errors like #REF,#DIV,#VALUE,#NAME,#N/A, we can prevent such errors in formulas using ISERROR function in excel2003 and using IFERROR function in excel 2007, now if there is error(s) in your workbook than not to worry about it, you workbook looks errors free, so relax yourself.

How to get shared assemblies out of the GAC

There are times/scenarios where we developers wanted the good old working .Net assembly(of particular version) deployed in to GAC where you don’t have track or record from where it was initially deployed from for xyz reasons(i.e. the location or path as it might have been deployed somebody else). This resource/tip is about how to get back the Dot net assemblies(Shared Assemblies) deployed in GAC.

Certifications for many languages

There is a site here you can write number of test and they will provide you certifications. They will provide a logo if you passed in the test, you can use them in your resume and a transcript id will be provided for you using this anyone can see your marks.

What is Interface Concepts in C#

This article will help to developer to increase Interface concept in c#. Interface- An interface contains only the signatures of methods, delegates or events. The implementation of the methods is done in the class that implements the interface. A class that implements an interface can explicitly implement members of that interface

Win XP Tips

Here are some important hidden tweaks for you to make your computer of high performance. Just follow these :- 1. Hidden Back-up utility Insert your windows XP disc into your PC.


1. Copy this onto notepad 2. maximize the notepad

Set value using jquery.

If Multiple user control on the same page. then if we need to Set value of the control using jquery. The following jquery function find the control by html tag and cssclass and set the value of the control.

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