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Download a file for a given URL Using WebClient class in c#

Today i want to discuss an article how to Download a file with a given Uniform Resource Locator (URL) In which scenario it will be useful and how to use this Method. How to check Network Connection available through Coding ? I will discuss in detail in this Article with Code snippets.

How and when to use WebBrowser control in Windows Forms

Today i want to discuss an article about a Control called Webbrowser when this Webbrowser Control is added into Windows forms which scenario it will be Useful. I will write a Detailed description here with Code Snippets.

How to create Excel spreadsheet on the fly using C#?

In this code snippet, we will see how we can create Microsoft Excel spreadsheet / worksheet using C#. In this code we will generate the sheet on the fly. There are lot of freeware/opensources available to do this work but in our code snippet we will use spire.xls

Test Driven Development- practicising with The word wrap Kata

In these days Test driven development is growing and TDD Katas is a best way to learn this approach. In this code-snippet, we will see a famous kata called word wrap kata. Firstly, we will check the problem Secondly, we will divide the problem in step(s) Finally, we will write code

How to achieve auto answer for SIP telephony in C#

I had a go at softphone development some months ago. It isn't secret that I want to build a powerful IVR system to make the current call centers much more effective. In this article I present a short and concise guide on how to implement auto answering to be able to accept a SIP phone call immediately.

HTML Editor in C#

Sometimes we come across the Scenario to save the Data in Html Format that means the tags are rendered with text(For example if we apply Color, Bold or paragraph any other aspects) in the Database and when we want to update the Information we need to retrieve the data as it is and set to the Html Editor as it is.So how do you work with Html Editor using in

Convert Dataset to Datatable and Viceversa using

Sometimes we come across a Scenario we need to convert a Dataset to Datatable and Datatable to Dataset in our Code to meet our required Solution. So this Article will helps to those who convert dataset to datatable and datatable to Dataset.

Few Global Variables,Functions And Queries In SQL.

This article explains few global variables and functions like @@ROWCOUNT, SCOPE_IDENTITY, DBCC CHECKIDENT, IDENTITY_INSERT and few queries to retrieve any keywords, all the tables or stored proc used in a database.

Few SQL Server Concepts And Queries

This Article describes about few Few Sql Server Concepts like SQL Transaction like COMMIT TRANSACTION,ROLLBACK,SAVEPOINT,@@TRANCOUNT,etc. AS well as Exception And Error Handling in SQL Transactions, CHUNK in SQL Server.

How to get Grid view control cell value in ASP.NET?

In this article I have explained get Gridview cell values using Template field Label control or Bound field. For example we have bind record details in the Grid View control, if users click the view details link button in the grid view we need to show the details in popup window without calling Database again. This can be possible using get grid view cell values.

How to create zip file in C#.NET with secured password?

In this article I have explained about how to create Zip file in the .NET. For example we can create zip files in using winrar software instead of that how we can create zip file using C#.NET code. This article is help you to know create zip file operation. Find how to create zip file in C#.NET with secured password?

What is Group Theory with an Example

Today in this article i want to demonstrate the definition of Group theory what are the properties that satisfy if the set of elements are in a Group .The article will provide the sample example for Group theory. It is an introduction to GROUP THEORY and with that i will demonstrate what is an abelian Group or Commutative group

How to record voice calls (C#, SIP)

This content is intended to be a short tutorial on how to record SIP voice calls using C#.NET. This guide is recommended for intermediate-level C# developers primarily, since only one complete code is presented instead of explaining its snippets step-by-step.

How to show link button datagridview windows application ?

In this article I have explained about how to create link button in data grid view windows application. In ASP.NET we use link button to show data of grid view similar like this in windows application datagridview have one special class datagridview column. Find How to show link button datagridview windows application?

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