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Use of Break satement in C#

in the C# language we use break Statement for exit from loop without complete execution of loops.we can use Break statement with all loop statements that use in C# like as for loop,while loop,do while loop,for each loop and switch statment.

Getting your AdSense Account Approved

This article is for all users who have applied for Google AdSense program and got rejected due to various reasons or those who want to get some revenue by using their Website or Blog through AdSense.

How to create windows sevice in Dotnet.

How to create windows sevice in Dotnet. Windows service known as NT services enable you to create long-running executable applications that run in its own Windows session, which then has the ability to start automatically when the computer boots and also can be manually paused, stopped or even restarted.

Exception Management Techniques in Dot Net

A proper exception management strategy is essential in all but the simplest applications. Commonly you will want to include logging with your exception handling. Logged exceptions are a key tool to diagnosing and fixing runtime problems that occur within an application.

Switch from BPO job to IT job

In this article I am sharing my experience about switching my JOB from a BPO industry to Software Industry. I am a B.Tech-Computers graduate and have three years BPO experience and now I am into Software Development.

Basic rules of optimization with sqlserver

What means optimized? This article presents best practices and the rationale governing the optimization of a computer system, it will prompt you to include process optimization in the overall approach of your project

What is Event handler in SharePoint ? How to use it in a SharePoint site?

This article will tell you about event handler used in sharepoint. Event handler perform a action depending up on your code. It helps you to perform an action by you. Learn about Event handler in SharePoint? How to use Event handler in a SharePoint site? Here I am providing code and few steps for event handler.

My laptop is stolen!!! Needed to be more concerned about sensitive data.

Returned home from office and got informed that my laptop is stolen. It was so painful to hear that. Laptop means a lot to software professional. I heard few calling laptop as their 2nd wife! Apart from it when laptop is lost, my entire data library is lost. I started to think what if I would have taken some precautions! No one can guarantee that laptop can never be lost or stolen, so why not follow some guidelines to secure the data and also to keep an option open to get the laptop back.

How to Create Document Library in SharePoint site..

In my previous article I'm explaining how to create SharePoint site and how to add Users to that and how to give permissions. Now I'm trying to explain how to Add Document Library to SharePoint site and How to add custom columns to that and how to sort the columns and how to sort the data based on filtering.

Code11, PDF417 and EAN13 Barcode Recognition in .NET

Aspose's new version for Barcode reader includes advanced algorithms with real-time performance to improve the barcode reading. Aspose.BarCode is a .NET component for generation and recognition of Linear and 2D barcodes on all kinds of .NET applications.

Why it shows less space for memory devices

We all have noticed that we can not use the full space in our memory devices. It always shows less space that we are supposed to get. My article gives an explanation on this storage deduction from our memory devices.

Cloud Computing a small review

Here in Cloud Computing article, I am describing few words about cloud computing In the innovative world of IT most popular speaking term is "Cloud computing". We are considering this term as a revolutionary history of the world of internet. Even within the span of time, the personal system surely may vanish within our desktop. I am trying to give some introduction for cloud computing system through this article.

Events and Delegates Explained in a Simplified way

Delegates and Pointers have always been a point of discussion among the Freshers as well as Experienced Technocrats. To simplify things for the readers, I have tried to present Events and Delegates concepts and implementation in a simplified way.

Changing the default search engine for the browser.

This article is focused on search engine for the Firefox. Often due to any new update we may get some other search engines as default for the browsers. Means if we type our query on the Address Bar of the browser then we don't get the result from Google. This article tells how to do so.

Manipulate MS PowerPoint Slides to images and extract Text from those images using Saaspose APIs

If you want to convert your PowerPoint Slides to images and extract text from those images, you can do that by using Saaspose Rest APIs named as Saaspose.Slides and Saaspose.OCR. Saaspose.Slides will convert your PowerPoint Slides to images and Saaspose.OCR will extract text from those Images. Saaspose.Cells is a REST API that helps you create, manipulate and convert spreadsheets in the cloud whereas Saaspose.OCR is a REST API for optical character recognition and document scanning.


In This article, I will explain how to create RSS Feed using RSS Feed Creation Tool from website It helps to generate RSS XML file output using FeedForAll RSS Feed Creation Wizard.

Best .net coding standards - Part 1

Following are some of the best coding practices that we should follow to make our application up to the industry standard. This is just the first part of the long list. Please let me know if something needs to be added/deleted/modified here.

Diffrence between procedural and object oriented languages

when the computer was invented binary languages was used to write programs.for easy to make program,procedural programming languages c and pascal are developed.For take advantages these language and for make more user friendly program OOP concept we will discus about differences between procedural and OOP languages

Different types of Hackers

hackers are different types,some are only hack for enjoy and other side some hackers do make there stuff for earn money,there are many types of other hackers. we can categories them in nine we will discus on this topic

All About Abstract Classes

Abstract classes and its implementation and uses importance of the Abstract Classes the point of view of Real World Applications and scenarios Abstract classes and its implementation and uses importance of the Abstract Classes We come across the question like What is Abstract class? When we use Abstract Class? Why we need a class that cannot be instantiated

How to use Gmap API in ASP.NET

This article is used to add GMAP API into page. You can also add marker and polygon using javascript. developer who work on GPS technology wil better use this code to show gmap with marker as a last status of running vehicle. Learn how to use Gmap API in ASP.NET?

Publisher Pro Art Explosion Software

Art Explosion Publisher Pro software package has many handy publisher aspects to which can be operated with very user friendly usage today in the home environment. Some of those subject matters that are used very rapidly today are: Creating PDF Files Creating Web Sites

April 2 off

Central Government & Council of IT industries, declared a half a day off on 2th April, 2011 on the event of India -sri lanka cricket match Final… Enclosed here the list of companies which comes under this category. If your companies name is the list, Kindly pass this information to your colleagues. PDF Attached with this mail.

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