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Flash for Visual Studio 2010 - Amethyst

Amethyst Professional free 60-day Trial is available. At the end of the trial period, the software degrades to Amethyst Personal (a free, limited feature version of the software) unless a licence is purchased. It sounds as if it is worth trying out -

Visual Studio LightSwitch beta casts shadow of a doubt : InfoWorld preview

Microsoft's latest attempt at this is Visual Studio LightSwitch, now in its first beta test. LightSwitch uses several technologies to generate applications that connect with databases. It can run on a desktop or in a Web browser, and it can use up to three application layers: client tier, middle tier, and data access.

A Cross-Platform Embedded Database for .NET Programmers - EffiProz

EffiProz is an embedded database written entirely in C# that can has both a disk-based and a memory-only mode. This has allowed its developers to port it to most environments that have CLR including .NET Compact, Mono, Windows 7, and Silverlight. The next version will extend this to mobile platforms.

Outlook Friends Facebook

Microsoft's integration of Facebook into its Outlook email and calendaring application is indicative of its desire to stay relevant in a world that's becoming increasingly social.

Sync Framework 2.1 has Arrived!

Sync Framework 2.1 includes all the great functionality of our 2.0 release, enhanced by several exciting new features and improvements.

It might be time to see the Silverlight

Q: What the heck is Microsoft Silverlight? My Windows systems keep trying to install it on updates, and I've opted not to on two of my computers. Is it a necessary piece of add-on for home user Web browsing (similar to Java or Flash) or just another piece of bloatware?

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