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Introduction to sql server

To obtain good performance, it is of course important to know the software used.SQL Server is a management system database relational (RDBMS) that both meets the standards of this type of tool, and offer specific implementations

Search columns in all tables in database

Here I am describing about how we can find/search one column in a database We will be confused to find the same in some situation. So Here I am writing the solution with the query We can use this query in a stored procedure.

Sql Insert and Sql Edit in one common method

While writing code for real time applications it is important that we have to reduce the code as much as possible. I.e., we should avoid the code repetetion. When writing database operations 'Insert' and 'Edit' ,if you write two seperate methods for them ,you can most of the code is repeated(most of the code is same in both the methods). So, here am going to explain how to reduce the code in this scenario by writing one common method for both 'Insert' and 'Edit' operations.

Alter SQL Table Containing Data from Design View

We will try to get rid of below Error in this Article. "Saving changes is not permitted. The changes you have made require the following tables to be dropped and re-created. You have either made changes to a table that can't be re-created or enabled to option Prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created."

Sql server Merge Statement

SQL Merge is introduced in SQL server 2008. We can avail the feature of Merge from SQL 2008 versions. It behaves very similar to Upsert command (Update/Insert) of Oracle. It will automatically insert the records into a table if the record doesn't exist or will update if it exists.

Data Binding Example in VB.Net and MYSQL

In this article i will show you an example of Data Binding in VB.Net and MYSQL with Loading of Records in the TextBoxes,Labels or any other form controls.In addition of Adding new records,i will show you how to Deletion and update records in VB.Net and MYSQL Server Database.

Query Expressions used in LINQ

In this article , we will explore about Query Expressions used in Language-Integrated Query. LINQ simplifies the situation of learning different query languages. I hope this article will be useful to you.

Generate INSERT scripts for any table

This sample code generates INSERT scripts for a given table. See the stored procedure shown below, which can be used to generate insert statements for the data in any SQL Server table.

How to call webmethod from javascript

In some cases you may want to call the webmethods from javascript. In that cases we use JQuery ajax call. WebMethods are written in WebServices and we have to provide url of that webmethod in javascript in order to call that webmethod. In this post i am explaining how we can do this with a example.

Sql ExecuteNonQuery() and ExecuteReader() with examples

Here i am discussing about the ExecuteNonQuery() and ExecuteReader() sql methods. Why these methods are used and how we can use these methods to get data from database and how we can execute sql queries. I am going to give some examples which makes this concept to understand easily.

Get Last Inserted Record in SQL

Sometimes we need to get or return the Last inserted record in SQL Server, using ASP.NET platform. Check out the code snippet for fetching the last inserted record from a database.

Account Information System (Practical usage of Views Cursors and Temp Tables)

When we are working with any of the following domain projects mainly (Agriculture Sector or Banking Sector).We came to hear a word called Account Information System. So how to work with Account Information System. I want to discuss in this Article.And many programmers think why we need to use cursors if there are suitable alternatives are available.This article will highlight the importance of views and cursors in sql batch programming.

SQLServer - DateName Function

Hi, In this article we will go through the DATENAME() function and how to implement it in SQL Server. Using DATENAME() function you can get any parts of the given date such as Day, Month, Year , Week, Quarter, Weekday, Hour, Minute, Second and so on which would be returned as a string variable.

Navigation of Records in VB.Net and MYSQL Server Database.

In this article I am going to show you how you can navigate from one record to another in MYSQL database table in VB.Net. In addition of that I will also show you how to search a particular record in the Database Table in VB.Net and MYSQL Server.

Tips and tricks for writing LINQ.

In this article, I have demonstrated few tips for LINQ beginners. It contains short code snippets which can be used in your applications where usage of LINQ is necessary. LINQ has very good features which can be used to retrieve data from tables effectively.

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