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.net interview in Polaris Chennai
Critical sections can be handled by usin gtry catch block or transaction.

Data types are of 2 types:
value type:stored on stack(it contains actual data)
reference type: stored on heap(means it contains reference to dataa)
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 27 Jun 2011
How to perform different operations on files in c#
In that case take richtextbox to store value.
And for reading whole text
richtextbox1.Text = rw.ReadToEnd();
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 16 Feb 2011
What is ViewState
HTML is a stateless protocol. even web server does not maintain the state of the page. every time when the page is posted, information is sent to server, event handling takes place and page is sent back to client browser. This leads to information loss. Viewstate helps to overcome this. Whenever is page is rendered back check web controls has any changes if so it collects all the information and adds in "form" tag. when the page is posted controls are updated accordingly.

It uses hidden field names_VIEWSTATE to store the information and add to "form" tag
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 25 Jan 2011
It is the last stop for the request. When a request finally reaches the end of the pipeline, consult the configuration file to see if the particular file extension is mapped to an HttpHandler. Fro example, if a request is made fro .aspx page handler processes the request
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 25 Jan 2011
What is LINQ ?
LINQ stands for language integrated query.
It is a uniform programming model for querying and manipulation data with a consistent model from any data source.
It can also be called as an another tool for embedding SQL queries into code.
It extends powerful query capabilities to c#, languages.

Its syntax:

from id in source
from id in source | where condition
[orderby ordering , ordering, ....]
select expr | group expr by key
[into id query]
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 25 Jan 2011
What is index? Explain type of index?
Index is a method used for faster retrieval of
records.different types of indexes are
1.primary key index
2.unique index
3.bitmap index
4.hash index
5.function based index
6.B-tree index(default index created) on table.
7.Virtual index(which do not show entry in DBA_segment).
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 24 Jan 2011
Some .net Objective Questions
answer of 10th is 2 i.e. Convert.ToInt32 can handle null value but int.Parse throws ArgumentNullException error.
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 20 Jan 2011
What is Sealed Class In C# ?
sealed classes are the classes that cannot be inherited. If we want a class that cannot be inherited by any other class we just have to add "sealed" in the starting.

suppose there is a class like
class admin
// code of the class

now if we want that no other class use it we will add sealed:
sealed class admin
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 20 Jan 2011
What is Normalization?
Normalization is a process of decomposing tables to eliminate data redundancy.

1N.F:- The table should caontain scalar or atomic values.
2 N.F:- Table should be in 1N.F + No partial functional dependencies
3 N.F :-Table should be in 2 N.F + No transitive dependencies
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 18 Jan 2011
In C# there are 3 types of array single dimensional, multidimensional and jagged array.

//Declaration of multiple dimensional array
int[ , ] arr = new int[2,3];
int[ , ] arr = new int[2,3]{{1,2,3},{4,6,5}};

Jagged array means array of array.
//Declaration of Jagged array
int[][] arr = new int[2][];
It must be initialized procedurally
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 18 Jan 2011
Diffence between two protocols
Their are many differences between SLIP and PPP protocol:

1.SLIP is an older protocol which is used to handle TCP/IP traffic over a dial-up or other serial connection.While PPP is much more robust than SLIP.
2.SLIP provides only physical layer protocol that doesn't provide error checking.While PPP provides physical as well as datalink layer and hence provides error checking.
3.Unlike STIP, where your addresses and other information have to be hard-coded ahead of time, PPP allows the client computer to receive its information from the host it dials into.

Most internet dial-up connections today are made using PPP over modem or ISDN.
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 18 Jan 2011
To get color dialog window in runtime
In the same way we can also get fontdialog window. which is used to set the font size, font is bold or italic and other things related to font. we can use colordialog box to set the background color of the form and controls.
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 16 Jan 2011
What is Cookies
Cookies allow to maintain the record of the user in the client system and next time when the user enter to the site it helps web server to identify the user according to their visiting history.
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 16 Jan 2011
Garbage collector
Garbage collection is a CLR feature which automatically manages memory. Programmers forget to release the objects while coding ..... laziness.CLR automatically releases objects when they are no longer referenced and in use.CLR runs on non-deterministic to see the unused objects and cleans them. One side effect of this non-deterministic feature is that we cannot assume an object is destroyed when it goes out of the scope of a function. Therefore, we should not put code into a class destructor to release resources.

GC uses 2 methods for garbage collection:
1. Mark ->In this object that are not reachable are marked for collection. While applications running with the new keyword, an object is created on the heap.

2. Sweep/Contact -> In this non- garbage objects are compacted.The objects are allocated on heap contiguously. The compaction of object is performed by moving all live objects at teh bottom of heap.. This makes free space at the top of the heap.
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 16 Jan 2011
Get all files in Directory and Sub directory using
Nice work..
Author: sugandha      Posted Date: 12 Jan 2011

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