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How to work with PDF font and text in C#

Thanks for sharing, you explained the things in detail. with screenshots. I just have one question, Free Spire.PDF is available in all versions of nuget? or specific to some nuget version.
can you please let me know, the version of nuget to install If i want to work with this same Spire.PDF dll

Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 29 Oct 2016
Creating an XML document

Gud one

Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 26 Sep 2013
Microsoft Technical round

Thanks for sharing, it wil be helpful to others
Nice good job @pawan as you come with answers too.
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 10 Feb 2013
SQL SELECT Statement Performance Tuning Tips
Hi suresh,

Thanks for sharing this information, it is useful for me.
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 12 Jul 2012
What is WCF? How to create WCF in ASP.NET?
Hi Ravindran,

How we can say WCF is secured one in comparision with Web Services/ any?
OR How we can give security to WCF Application?
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 24 Jun 2012
Review On ".NET Interview Questions 4th Edition By Shivprasad Koirala"
HI frnds,

Link for the book...

Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 31 Mar 2012
Online free code generator for databases in C#/VB.NET
Hi somasekar,

Thanks for sharing, this will be very useful... :-)
Nice one
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 28 Mar 2012
Review On ".NET Interview Questions 4th Edition By Shivprasad Koirala"
Hi Prachi kulkarni,

Thanks for sharing, good one
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 21 Mar 2012
Dynamically Creating Combo box and event handling in windows Application.

Thanks Himanshu..
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 14 Mar 2012
What is an Interface in C#.NET?
In an interface class, all methods are abstract - there is no implementation so when we create an interface, we are creating a set of methods, properties without any implementation and it must be overridden by the implemented classes. The benefit is that it allows a class to be a part of two classes: one from inheritance hierarchy and one from the interface.
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 17 Feb 2012
Abstract class in C#.NET
Abstract Class:
The abstract class is a class contains abstract methods,which allows concrete methods (methods that have implementation)
Abstract Class atleast one method is undefined
For this,can contain constructors and destructors.
Object of abstract class cannot be created
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 17 Feb 2012
Sliding Image using JQuery
Hi ashjeej,

ya it's with javascript thing only.
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 22 Jan 2012
Sliding Image using JQuery

Thanks for sharing, i tried this previously bt not succeed.
And now also.
Images are displaying one by one.
As in your screenshot i want.
I tried with same code u provided here, but not succeeded..
What will be the problem...
Otherwise share the application..
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 20 Jan 2012
Use DropBox service to backup and share your files
Hi tony,

I am very happy, as i am the member of this site.
Awesome i downloaded and i tested also.
Thanks for sharing this valuable information.
Not only we are sharing the knowledge we come to know many points here.
Great work...:-)
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 17 Nov 2011
Use google map in application
Hi Rajeshwari,

Please check and update your post once.
In this post,Content Posted repeatedly and
Where is the Zip file?
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 10 Nov 2011
3-Tier Architecture
Hi shashwath,

Thanks and Please add the code file.

Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 27 Aug 2011
How to Create Setup file for .NET Windows application?
Hi Ravindran,

This article is nice.
Just i downloaded and followed your steps.I double click that set up file to install in my system. After installation,
1.Icon with text 'h'
3.WindowsSetUp.exe XmlConfiguration file
4.Icon with 'DskShortcut'
the above 1 to 3 are also created in Desktop.


Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 27 Aug 2011

really nice.
Author: SonyShiva      Posted Date: 15 Jul 2011

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