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Serialization and Deserialization in C#.Net
i mean to say , one can deserilize an object only if it knows about the class which serialize the object. in the code for the serializer you have to give the type of the object.
XmlSerializer serilizer = new XmlSerializer(obj.GetType());
so my question was is it possible to deserilze an xml created in dotnet to an object in java app?

basically serialization is done to persist the data or object in you serialized the student object in memory to a file(xml) and stored in disk.
if it is stored as xml, it can be parsed between java and dotnet.
but if it was binary serialized, then i guess java app cannot deserilze the file.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 25 Apr 2013
Serialization and Deserialization in C#.Net
as you said
"There is a need where I have to send data from .dot net application to other application which built out from java.
I cannot send .net objects to it , as it cannot understand. so i need to serilize the data to a common language where both of
them can understand., so I serialize my .net objects to xml and vice-versa as shown below"

can you explain how will you deserilize dotnet object in java?
how will java know the class structure?
what if you have used the binary serilization.

since this is a very small xml, why you select serilization for transferring data?
you can simply wrtie an xml file using xml writer and pass the file to other application.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 25 Apr 2013
Filtering data using DataView
i agree with you on that both have advantages and disadvantages depending on situation.

i was replying to your first comment
"There is no necessity to take dataview and filter we can filter with in the dataset with the help of"","")"
i thought you are implying that one should always use
remember the author has explicitly mentioned that he is giving an example of using DataView.

anyway thanks for the links, detailed comparison on performance.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 14 Apr 2013
Filtering data using DataView
index creating twice can be avoided by providing the row filter at the time of creation of dataview.

also , you don't even need to create a "new" dataview.
every datatable has a default view associated with it.
one can use the same for filtering purposes.

not convinced about the "Dataview is a very Huge Object"
say a filtered dataview contains 10 rows.
if the same 10 rows are read using select method and added to data table for binding purposes,
i am not sure how the dataview object will be huge compared to the datatable created for binding purposes.

only thing favor of using select method on table is

DataTable.Select is slower, but can come very handy if you have multiple criteria
as per ""

but anyway i was commenting regarding the original code posted by author, where filter was applied only for a column.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 14 Apr 2013
Filtering data using DataView
@srirama, dataset.tables[o].select() will return an array of datarows.

why would anyone want to get an array of datarows, then create a datatable and add to it if one can bind a filtered dataview directly.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2013
Sorting data in the dataset
@srirama, you posted """, "columname asc")"

there is no select method defined in dataset.

DATASET.TABLES[0].SELECT(). now you posted correct.
only data table has select method as i posted. i suggest you post response clearly so that it will be helpful to others. don't answer roughly.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2013
Sorting data in the dataset
there is no in dotnet. there is only available.

and the author has explained using the method only.please read code properly.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2013
Filtering data using DataView
there is no in dotnet. there is only available.

using rowfilter will be easy to bind to the gridview as will return a datarow array and we have to loop through each row.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2013
To KILL A Lion Companies follow the following methods
nice joke , thanks for reviving this 2.5 years old thread, would have missed it.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 13 Apr 2013
Installing Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Management Studio Express on Windows 7
can you explain what value addition/information is supposed to be inferred from this resource? apart from clicking next and finally close button is there any particular step in this installation where a user might accidentally create some error?
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 23 Mar 2013
ASP.NET Puzzles.Try To Solve
my answers for the following question are

5. Which component contains the subset of types and rules for language inter-operation?

CLS - common language specification. this give the rules and contains definitions for common types which can be used across all .net languages like System.Int32

11. Name the types of Polymorphism.

compile time polymorphism and run-time polymorphism.
the operation on which object should be executed is decided either on compile time or at run-time

12. Is multiple inheritance allowed in C#?

multiple inheritance is not allowed in c#.
we can only implement multiple interfaces and it cannot be called
pure inheritance because the behavior is not defined in the interface originally and we cannot say the derived class inherited a behavior from the interface.

13. Can static method access non-static data members?

No. static method access cannot directly non-static data members. for accessing instance members an object reference is required.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 21 Feb 2013
Search Data on a Window form and display the result on second windows form
i guess you don't have to do anything. once moderators review it, it will be accepted.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 14 Feb 2013
Object Oriented Programming Concepts - OOP Concepts
above response from
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 10 Feb 2013
Multiple Inhiretance by Interface
this is called explicit interface implementation

this is done in two scenarios
1.since When a member is explicitly implemented, it cannot be accessed through a class instance, but only through an instance of the interface, we may do it if we don't expect implementing class to normally use the interface. so it cannot be accessed by the instance of the class. if user really need to use it, he can access it through an instance of interface

2. as explained in the tutorial to implement two interfaces that have the same member names.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 10 Feb 2013
.NET interview questions for 5+ years of experience - OOPS, C#, WPF, .NET Fundamentals
6. string is a reference type.not value type
7. string is immutable because, once a string is created it cannot be modified/overwritten in the same memory location.
if we modify the string by adding another string to it, the new string will be stored in a new memory in stack. old memory will later reclaimed by garbage collector when it runs.
Author: Shine S      Posted Date: 08 Feb 2013

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