Password Generator in VB.NET

This code sample is a function which generates Random Password. The length of the password is taken as an argument. The password contains only alphanumeric characters.

To generate random passwords, the function uses Rand() function. With a random integer that the function returns every time it is called, we convert it to a valid ASCII alpha-numeric number and append it to the password we have accumulated so far. This is done as many times as the length of the password.

Dim rNum As New Random(100)
Dim rLowerCase As New Random(500)
Dim rUpperCase As New Random(50)
Dim psw As String
Dim RandomSelect As New Random(50)

Public Function Gen_Psw(ByVal Lenght As Integer, Optional ByVal Reset As Boolean = False) As String
Dim i As Integer
Dim CNT(2) As Integer
Dim Char_Sel(2) As String
Dim iSel As Integer
'clear old passwords
If Reset = True Then
psw = ""
End If
For i = 1 To Lenght
'create random numbers that will represent
'each : upercase,lowercase,numbers

CNT(0) = rNum.Next(48, 57) 'Numbers 1 to 9
CNT(1) = rLowerCase.Next(65, 90) ' Lowercase Characters
CNT(2) = rUpperCase.Next(97, 122) ' Uppercase Characters
'put characters in strings
Char_Sel(0) = System.Convert.ToChar(CNT(0)).ToString
Char_Sel(1) = System.Convert.ToChar(CNT(1)).ToString
Char_Sel(2) = System.Convert.ToChar(CNT(2)).ToString

'pick one of the three above for a character At Random
iSel = RandomSelect.Next(0, 3)
'colect all characters generated through the loop
psw &= Char_Sel(iSel)

' reset with new password
If Reset = True Then

psw.Replace(psw, Char_Sel(iSel))
End If

Return psw

End Function


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