Why You Cannot Afford to Neglect Keyword Research in SEO and Other Digital Marketing Practices

Keywords are not only important for SEO but also crucial for many more digital marketing practices like content marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, mobile marketing, and big data.

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Keywords are not only important for SEO but also crucial for many more digital marketing practices like content marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, mobile marketing, and big data. To survive and succeed in the world of digital marketing there are two fundamental things that you have to do right. Create a compelling website by using a versatile and efficient content management system like Joomla that enables easy managing of sites without the need of having any technical knowledge and then formulate a blueprint SEO strategy that provides the roadmap for online marketing.

Creating the strategy is just the beginning. It needs some hard work especially in choosing the right keywords that have the powers to drive the campaign in the right direction that will give the desired results. How much traffic goes to the website and whether it will receive any traffic at all primarily depends on the selection of keywords. Keywords are so critical because it provides the foundation for the digital marketing campaign. The power of keywords is such that it can make or break online marketing campaigns and is the reason that you must pay the most attention in its selection.

The importance of keyword research

  • Keywords point to the origin of organic traffic and help to identify the section of the audience that could become prospective customers.

  • What your company does becomes clear from the keywords and it provides leads to the content marketing team about the type of content to develop for marketing.

  • Keyword research provides the impetus to your online marketing efforts and is behind every decision that you take.

  • The relevant keywords that you pick through keyword research drive traffic to the website that brings in revenue and provides the ROI.

Know the right techniques of research

Driving traffic to websites might not be that difficult but bringing in qualified leads can be quite challenging. Nurturing the leads and creating conversions that help to bring revenue is a task that you have to accomplish with utmost sincerity to reap the fruits of labor. The secret of success lies in maximizing keyword research that is capable of bringing in qualified leads to set the ball rolling. To know about the techniques of keyword research, keep reading this article.

Know the keywords you are currently ranking for

Before you embark on keyword research, you should know where you belong to taking stock of the situation. There are keywords that you are now ranking for, and you must know what these keywords are. At the same time, you must know against whom you are competing. Doing the exercise becomes easy by using suitable SEO tools like SEMrush and Google analytics. Once you know the keywords you are ranking for, it becomes easy to find keywords related to it. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for identifying related keywords.

Know what competitors are doing

After identifying the keywords on which you are likely to base your marketing campaign, it is a wise decision to look around at what competitors are doing before you start using the keywords. It would give you an opportunity to refine the keywords that you have selected and make a choice more potent. Once you know the keywords that the competitors target, you get more confidence in pruning down your list further and focus on the ones that have already tested the waters and doing the rounds in the market.

Make the best use of Google tools

Google has provided enough resources and tools for users to conduct keyword research and you should know how to make the best use of it. If you look at the Google search page, you will find an essential tool – the auto-complete feature, which provides valuable leads about the type of searches that are popular for any given term. You can also see if there is any related schema and identify gaps that you can plug with your own schema. It is possible to learn about competition, and it gives the opportunity to check their keyword rankings by using your tools. All this is possible just by scrutinizing the first page of the Google search results.

Step into the shoes of a customer

Since you are trying to satisfy the needs of a customer to make the task of choosing keywords easy, step into the shoes of the customer and start thinking how you would have initiated the search for the product or service. Getting the right perspective that defines the context is essential to identify keywords that would work.

Although it is customary to use the online tools for keyword research, you can still fall back on other resources like a thesaurus that expands the horizon of research. By working on the synonyms, it is possible to multiply the related keywords with some new ones that the tools do not capture.


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