SSL Certification to the Website

Friends do we know how secure we are while dealing Financial terms online. Its is common now-a-day many user perform transaction online on many website. But the truth is that many of us even do not know or do not bother about confirming our security. Today I am submitting the article, that will surely help you to identify the website security.

SSL Certification (Secure Sockets Layer)

We Normally see the name of a particular site starts using and some starts using https://, its an astonishing to common users. This differentiates the website security. Now-a-days we use internet for not only to surf information, watch movies, videos, downloads, but also many users are now commonly refer the sites dealing with online Shopping, money transfers, providing banking details, usage of PayPal services, Credit Cards and all financial transaction. Importantly, it very important to reveal this information as common people may not know, how secured are we while we provide our private information to website, is our privacy maintained.
HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) refers to transmission of information from one user to another. The name of any website starting with is a secured website, these types of site generally deals internally or having financial dealing. The website holds the SSL Certification to use this type of name.

SSL Certification - Its an premier certification to websites developed by Netscape for transmitting private documents, protects sensitive information during online transactions easily and securely. SSL certificate authenticates the identity of particular website and encrypts the information is sent to serve using encrypt technology. SSL is particularly very important to those website dealing with financial business. And the website having name are secure to perform online transaction.

How this works - The technology of SSL
As you enter your private information (Bank details, password, CC numbers, payment details, cash details) the data is transmitted into plain text. The data is considered as normal data which can be intercepted. It's as simple as that. A person with malicious intentions simply has to listen on the right ports or look in the right places to read exactly what you entered. If that data happened to be your password or your credit card number ... well, you can guess what happens after that.

How SSL Technology works -
Normally SSL uses 128-bit encryption or higher 256-bit encryption - Cryptographers consider 128-bit encryption practically impossible to crack, even if any one tries to crack the information, it is certainly not possible. With 128-bit encryption you can ensure that your international customer base will be able to exchange information with you using the strongest possible encryption.

You can check while you perform such transaction online, certain names like Verisign and Thawte are seen, even Google site is protected and authenticated by Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd., these the portal are the SSL Certificate Providers

This article surely make clear -
-- How the name of Website are identified, how they are assigned, who is behind this?

-- Secondly, Whenever you perform financial transaction, you can identify the security measure taken by particular website.

Be Cautious and make a habit of "verification of website" whenever you go do financial transaction and be safe.

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