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What is the return type of ExecuteReader?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which of the following class can neither be instantiated nor be inherited?C#C#
What will be the values of x and y? { int x = 5; int y = 10; y += x++; System.Console.WriteLine("x:" + x.toString() + " y:" + y.toString()); }C#C#
What is used to validate complex string patterns like an e-mail address? ASP.NETASP.NET
Which one of the following objects is used to create a foreign key between two DataTables? OtherOther
Which of the following class cannot be inherited?C#C#
Which keyword is used to achieve shadowing in c#?C#C#
Which method do you invoke on the SQLDataAdapter object to load your dataset with data?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which of the following class cannot be inherited??SQL ServerSQL Server
In disconnected architecture their is no need to open and close the connection as??SQL ServerSQL Server
SqlDataAdapter is used in which of the following?SQL ServerSQL Server
For inserting a column into table which of the following method is used.SQL ServerSQL Server
ExecuteReader() is used for which of the following?SQL ServerSQL Server
Whice is true about Interface and abstract methods?C#C#
Which of the following characters ends every C# statement? C#C#
What is the name of a program that takes instructions written using mnemonics and translates them into a language that the computer can understand? C#C#
What is the term for computer languages that allow programmers to write code by focusing on how different objects interact with one another? C#C#
What action will be performed first to find the deadlock in sql server?SQL ServerSQL Server
How many types of data types are their in C#?C#C#
How many types of Assembly are there?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which of the following comes under CLR(common language runtime) ?.NET Framework.NET Framework
C# doesnt support?C#C#

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