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Which one is used to draw 2D Graphics in HTML5?.NET Framework.NET Framework
HTML5 SVG stands for?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which is used to redirect to another page.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which is used to prompt and request user input.NET Framework.NET Framework
In which namespace class String Builder exists.NET Framework.NET Framework
Main component of wcfOtherOther
WCF Supports the below formats.NET Framework.NET Framework
Namespace for WCF.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which is to give a message to the user in JavascriptASP.NETASP.NET
Method which is supported by IDisposableASP.NETASP.NET
Standard used to connect client browsers with werbserverASP.NETASP.NET
To transfer one page to Other PageASP.NETASP.NET
Interface for creating http handlers?ASP.NETASP.NET
To explicit kill user session? ASP.NETASP.NET
Extension for webuser control file?ASP.NETASP.NET
To access the variable in childs class,.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which of the following is not Javascript Browser ObjectASP.NETASP.NET
Which of the following is not Javascript Browser ObjectASP.NETASP.NET
Which of the following is javascript object?ASP.NETASP.NET
With which binding is it possible to have REST enabled WCF Service.NET Framework.NET Framework
What is a static class?.NET Framework.NET Framework
On restart of ASP.NET State Service all the Session info will be lost in ASP.NETASP.NET
On restart of IIS all the Session info will be lost in ASP.NETASP.NET
How we can achieve, while typing text in Text box in upper case it will convert to lowercase automatically ASP.NETASP.NET
In Agile MethodologyOtherOther
What does display="None" will do actually on the controlASP.NETASP.NET
What is the first method during the Page LoadASP.NETASP.NET
If debugging is not happening in our application, due to which it will happenASP.NETASP.NET
Hoe does the sessions store the information by defaultASP.NETASP.NET
How to get the Master Page Control Textbox value in ContentPage through Javascript? ASP.NETASP.NET
How to select Master Page in aspx code behind pageASP.NETASP.NET
In which event we can change the Master Form dynamically?ASP.NETASP.NET
In Jquery, <input type="button" id="btn1">, How to select this control? .NET Framework.NET Framework
Which tag in HTMl will give Line breaks and spaces, which allows to show our text in our own format/.NET Framework.NET Framework
In Javascript, how to hide the control?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which View engine we can find in MVC 3? .NET Framework.NET Framework
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) supports which of the following formatter?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which style sheet requires the below need to be added in side <head> tag <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="SampleStyles.css" >.NET Framework.NET Framework
In Javascript, How to open any URL in other window? .NET Framework.NET Framework
In Javascript, How to open any URL in other tab?.NET Framework.NET Framework
How to know the client ip address of a computer?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which command helps to import a data file into a database table or view in a user-specified format.SQL ServerSQL Server
CTE abbreviation ?SQL ServerSQL Server
Which will allows system administrators to monitor events in an instance of Microsoft SQL ServerSQL ServerSQL Server
Which of the following is the tainted property of a window object in Java Script?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Postback occurs on which form?.NET Framework.NET Framework
One of the below is not to navigate between pages are?ASP.NETASP.NET
How do you change the session time-out value? ASP.NETASP.NET
Does VB.NET support optional arguments?VB.NETVB.NET

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