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From the following which are the different ways to add controls in a web page: 1.drag and drop control in design view 2.drag and drop control in source view writing the syntax manually in source view 4.all of the aboveASP.NETASP.NET
JavaScript is a case sensitive language.Say true or false.ASP.NETASP.NET
A single page can also contain both client-side and server-side scripts.Say true or false.ASP.NETASP.NET
FileStream supports both synchronous and asynchronous read-write operations.Say true or false.C#C#
Generic grew dynamically.Say true or false? C#C#
In SqlConnection string what is Initial Catalog?C#C#
In SqlConnection string what is DataSource?C#C#
By using which operator the delegate add events to one another?C#C#
Static function can not be overloaded.say true or false.C#C#
Can not have interface as a child for normal class or abstract class.say true or false.C#C#
Abstract class can have main().say true or false.C#C#
Interface can not contain the main().say true or false.C#C#
Can not create the object of abstract class.say true or false.C#C#
Abstract class is an incomplete class which works as a template for child class?say true or false.C#C#
Normal classes can not have abstract methods? Say true or false.C#C#
Which functions ignore NULL values by default?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is the significance of NVL() function in SQL?SQL ServerSQL Server
What are the various pages in SQL Server?SQL ServerSQL Server
Break keyword is required in every cases of switch statement. say yes or no..NET Framework.NET Framework
Bydefault which datatype understand by the command prompt?C#C#
Bydefault the data members of structure are:C#C#
Is implicit un-boxing is possible?C#C#
Converting value type to reference type is known as:C#C#
The following SELECT statement executes successfully: SELECT last_name, job_id, salary AS Sal FROM employees;SQL ServerSQL Server
How many types of user defined functions are there in SQL Server?SQL ServerSQL Server
EXISTS keyword returns which type of data?SQL ServerSQL Server
IN keyword is used for?SQL ServerSQL Server
How we can customize the display of resultset?SQL ServerSQL Server
How we achieve the outer join?SQL ServerSQL Server
Pick out the odd one from following functions avg min max lowerSQL ServerSQL Server
Is SQL is case-sensitive?SQL ServerSQL Server
Truncate is which type of command?SQL ServerSQL Server
What is DBMS?SQL ServerSQL Server
When transations are rolled back?C#C#
Is transactions stored in a database?C#C#
DataReader support which architecture?C#C#
What is JIT?C#C#
Which is the starting method of execution?C#C#
If table A have 7 rows and table B have 8 rows then how many rows obtained after cross join these two tables?SQL ServerSQL Server
If there are 10 tables then how many join conditions are required?SQL ServerSQL Server
If table A contains id values as 1 2 3 NULL NULL then what is the avg(id)SQL ServerSQL Server

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