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You are developing a web application that is retrieving historical library information from a database server and displays it to the users of your application. What cache strategy will give you the best performance? ASP.NETASP.NET
Which tool can you use to precompile a Windows application?ASP.NETASP.NET
Which method of the ServiceController class will allow you to send a command to the service? ASP.NETASP.NET
.NET remote server object must implement?ASP.NETASP.NET
You are in charge of creating a remote object that will return database records to the caller of the method. You want to keep track of the number of requests. Which activation mode would you use? ASP.NETASP.NET
What namespace must be used in order to use the DOM for XML support?ASP.NETASP.NET
You need to encrypt the SOAP header. What is the correct method to use?ASP.NETASP.NET

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