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You work as an application developer at Certkiller .com. You are currently in the process of creating a class that stores data about Certkiller .com's customers. Certkiller .com customers are assigned unique identifiers and various characteristics that may include aliases, shipping instructions, and sales comments. These characteristics can change in both size and data type. .NET Framework.NET Framework
You work as the application developer at Certkiller .com. Certkiller .com uses Visual Studio.NET 2005 as its application development platform. You are in the process of storing numerical values up to 2,100,000,000 into a variable and may require storing negative values using a .NET Framework 2.0 application. You are required to optimize memory usage What should you do?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which of the following tasks CANNOT be performed by both the Computer Administrator and the Limited Account types perform. Select one answer.OtherOther
Your manager has asked you which component would you use to organize objects into logical administrative groups?OtherOther
Which one of the following functions does Check Disk perform? OtherOther
You are working at one of your clients sites trying to configure network printing. One of the employees of the client company has asked you which one of the following types of computers is supported by Windows XP Professional printing?OtherOther
You need to give print permissions to a user to give them the ability to perform several printing tasks. Which one of the following levels of print permissions provided by Windows XP Professional grants a user the ability to perform the most printing tasks? OtherOther
Which one of the following tasks can you perform with the Add Printer Wizard?OtherOther
You have just finished installing Windows XP for your friends family. You didn't have time to activate their version of Windows for them so you have told them that they must active Windows before the time period is up otherwise Windows will stop functioning? How many days do they have before they must activate Windows or it will stop working?OtherOther
As part of your current task list, you need to create a shared folder on a remote computer. You need to select a tool that enables you to complete this task. Which one of the following tools allows you to create a shared folder on a remote computer?OtherOther
Which of the following users CANNOT assign permissions to user accounts and groups? Choose one answer?OtherOther
Which one of the following is considered a second-level domain name?OtherOther
Which one of the following files and folders does Windows XP Professional allow you to encrypt?OtherOther
Your manager has asked you to suggest a tool that allows you to block the installation of unsigned files. Which one of the following tools would be the correct choice?OtherOther
Your manager is testing your knowledge of Windows XP once again. This time he has asked you which of the following features enables you to press a multiple key combination, such as CTRL+ALT+DELETE, one key at a time?OtherOther
You are working at one of your most respected client sites and you have found yourself under a bit of pressure.. One of the IT technicians has asked you which one of the following computers he CANNOT log on to locally? What is the correct answer to his question?OtherOther
Your manger has asked you to choose a print permission to give to a new user to allow them to pause, resume, restart and cancel other users documents. Which permission is the correct answer?OtherOther
You are customizing your friends desktop to help add essential applications and folders. Your friend has asked you to add several items to the desktop, however one of them cannot be added to the desktop. Which one of the following is the item that cannot be added to the desktop?OtherOther
Your manager has asked you to compress several files on a network folder for one of your clients. However, you have advised him that one of the file types is NOT a good choice for compression. Which one of the following is not a good choice for compression? OtherOther
Its getting close to your Microsoft exam and your manager is testing your teams knowledge by asking various multiple choice question regarding built-in accounts. One of the questions is - Which one of the statements below about built-in accounts is correct?OtherOther
Your manager wants to test your teams technical knowledge regarding Windows XP. He asked to you what is the minimum hard disk space required for installing Windows XP Professional?OtherOther
Your team has been learning about Windows Firewall the past few days to revise for the upcoming exam. As part of the learning process your team leader has asked you which one of the following is true about Windows Firewall?OtherOther
Your team project leader has asked you to identify which accounts that have not been used for two months. Which tool could you use to achieve this?OtherOther
You’re the administrator of your companies Windows Server 2003 computer that is configured as a print server. Your manager wants you to administer the print services from a Web browser on a client computer. The server is named PrtSv01, but you’re not sure of the share name of the printer. Which URL should you use to connect to the printer? OtherOther
You have just finished configuring a new display driver on one of your clients machines, and are prompted to restart the computer for the changes to take effect. However, after logging on the computer screen goes blank and you are unable to continue using Windows. Which trouble-shooting technique or tool will help you to recover from the problem with the display driver? OtherOther
You have been using the LDIFDE tool as part of your current project, however you now need to know the command that changes the operation of LDIFDE from export to import. Which one of the following is the correct answer?OtherOther
Data on the corporate intranet is currently stored on the E: drive of your IIS server. It is decided that the Management department will serve information about the current and future projects from its server, and that the URL to access the Management information should be What do you need to configure? OtherOther
Your team leader is testing your knowledge leading up to the Microsoft exam. He asks ot you which tool he could use to identify the site license server for the company site? Which one of the correct answer? OtherOther
You have several shares on your network which contain various company data such as company letter heads, excel reports amongst other things. Which of the following tools allows you to administer a share on a remote server?OtherOther
You need to change the domain membership of a WindowsServer 2003 computer in your office. Which location provides the necessary information to change the domain membership?OtherOther
Your companies applications regularly access resources on CompanyServer01. Your main job is to monitor CompanyServer01 to ensure that permissions are not too restrictive, so that users can accomplish all their daily assignments. Which log and type of event, will provide the information you require?OtherOther
You need to join several computers to a domain at one of your client sites. They have a mixture of workstations ranging from Windows 95 to Windows 2000. Which one of the following computers CANNOT be joined to a domain?OtherOther
You are installing a new version of Windows Server 2003 for a current client. They have asked you several questions regarding set up - Which one of the following is true when trying to install Windows Server 2003?OtherOther
You need to administer your clients remote computer using the MMC. You must decide which credential is required to perform this operation. Select one right answer.OtherOther
You have been asked to create a number of new users for team members that will be joining your company in a months time. They will be working as contractors for a period of 4 months 5 days a week. Which is the following options should you choose for maximum security? OtherOther
You have set up printing on a Windows Server 2003 computer for you new client. You have attached a printer, configured a logical printer, and submitted several documents for printing. However, the documents are not printing completely and most of them are printing as garbage. What is the most likely cause of this problem?OtherOther
Your manager is testing your knowledge of various licensing modes that are available in Windows Server 2003. Which one of the following licensing modes is a valid mode for Windows Server 2003? OtherOther
As part of your teams current project you’re setting up a backup job on a computer running Windows Server 2003. You want to back up the registry, startup files, and the COM+ Class Registration data-base because of specific requirements from the client. Which backup option should you select? OtherOther
You’re setting up a Web site in IIS on CompanyServer01. The site’s Internet domain name is, and the site’s home directory is C:\Web\CompanySite. Which URL should Internet users use to access files in the home directory of the site?OtherOther
Your manager has informed you that the highest level of security is essential for your corporate intranet. However you do not want to use the infrastructure of certificate services. The authentication must be transparent to users, and allow you to secure intranet resources with the group accounts existing in Active Directory. Taking into account that all users are within the corporate fire-wall, what authentication method should you choose? OtherOther
What tool is used to enable Remote Desktop on a server? OtherOther
Which one of the following is a firewall-related constraint relating to performing Remote Assistance? OtherOther
Complete the missing word in the following sentence: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 includes a utility, _____ , that can be used to compact a Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) database. OtherOther
Your manager is testing your knowledge or DNS related command line tools. He wants you to complete the missing word in the following sentence: ______ is a command line tool that displays information useful in diagnosing Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure What is the correct answer? OtherOther
Complete the missing word in the following sentence which describes a DNS infrastructure feature: _____ is an infrastructure that allows you to specify managed configurations for users and computers in an Active Directory directory service environment. _____ settings are contained in _____ objects (GPOs). GPOs exist in a domain, and can be linked to the following Active Directory containers: sites, domains, or organizational units (OUs)OtherOther
Read the paragraph below and select the missing technologies to fill in the blanks: ___1___ is the Microsoft implementation of a ___2___ server and proxy in Windows Server 2003. As a ___2___ server, ___1___ performs centralized connection authentication, authorization, and accounting for many types of network access, including wireless and virtual private network (VPN) connections.OtherOther
As the primary network administrator for your company, your manage has asked you to help him diagnose a problem. He wants you want to inspect the DNS cache on his computer to check for TTL parameters. How would you perform this task?OtherOther
You have created a Virtual Private Network through to your organisations internal intranet. The intranet host different information such as diaries, sales pipelines and also the support ticket management application. For this VPN tunnel you have specified L2TP, for which Windows Server 2003 has automatically created an IPSec policy. Now that the VPN is set up you want to check that the IPSec policy has been configured as expected. Which tool should you use to check the IPSec policy?OtherOther
As part of your weekly review meeting with your manager, he is testing your knowledge to the extreme! He wants you to put the following steps in the correct order relating to how IAS resolves a user name without a specified domain name. ASP.NETASP.NET
You work for a large multi-national company that provides IT support to companies large and small. One of your responsibilities includes helping junior support technicians diagnose network problems. One of your colleagues has asked you what information the ipconfig command displays when you don’t specify any parameters What is the correct answer?OtherOther

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