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Which of the following is not a method of Debug class ?VB.NETVB.NET
How you refer the parent class in VB.Net ?VB.NETVB.NET
How do you refer the current class in VB.Net ?VB.NETVB.NET
How do you add Web Methods in VB.Net ?VB.NETVB.NET
The tool provided with .Net framework to register assemblies for use by COM is VB.NETVB.NET
Which of the method is used to display the form as modal ?VB.NETVB.NET
The DataAdapter uses which of the following object to retrieve the data from database VB.NETVB.NET
Which is the best to retrieve Read-Only, Forward-only stream of data from database ?VB.NETVB.NET
Which is the base class for TypedDataset ?VB.NETVB.NET
Which method of the XMLdocument class takes xml as string while loading ?VB.NETVB.NET
Where do you find COMException class ?VB.NETVB.NET
How do we implement private interfaces ?VB.NETVB.NET
How do you call non shared methods of a class ?VB.NETVB.NET
Which interface allows to implement the Dispose method to do cleanup work ?VB.NETVB.NET
The constructors in VB.Net is similar to which event in previous versions of VB VB.NETVB.NET
How do you create a Read only Property in VB.NET ?VB.NETVB.NET
How do you terminate code execute with in a VB.NET method ?VB.NETVB.NET
The methods which return the values back to the calling code are called as VB.NETVB.NET
Methods declared with the following modifier are not accessible outside the class VB.NETVB.NET
Which of the following class does not belong to Collection namespace ?VB.NETVB.NET
What is the significance of Option Explicit statement when it is set to On ?VB.NETVB.NET
Which of the following Types will have data of fixed size ?VB.NETVB.NET
Every type supported by CTS is derived from VB.NETVB.NET
An Assemblyinfo file in a VB.NET project will have blank as file extesion.VB.NETVB.NET
How many levels of compilation happens in .NET Framework ?VB.NETVB.NET
The proper way to convert a string to all lowercase isC#C#
If two StringBuilder objects contain the same string then C#C#
Concatenating with strings are done withC#C#
If an IndexofAny method is passed an array of characters itC#C#
String indexers treat strings asC#C#
To create a string literal exclude escape sequence, useC#C#
A String literal is aC#C#
Class String and the Char structure found in theC#C#
In order to lock/unlock an object use theC#C#
The way of returning a thread from s suspended state isC#C#
When a thread returns from a WaitSleepJoin or Suspended state it returns to theC#C#
In C# Thread.Sleep(time) measures time inC#C#
Synchronization isC#C#
A Thread isC#C#
A____block enclose the code that could throw an exception. C#C#
An abstract class C#C#
Exception objects are derived from the class. C#C#
A method_____an exception when that method detects that a problem has occuredC#C#
Assuming that public class B : A { public B(int i) :base(i) { } } compiles and runs correctly, what can we conclude about the constructors in the class A? C#C#
The code public class B : A { } C#C#
To output the value of multidimensional array, Console.WriteLines(___) C#C#
Polymorphism occurs when the methods of the child class.C#C#
The concept of composition specifies that you can. C#C#
Every class directly or indirectly extends the______class. C#C#
In order for a class to use an interface, it must C#C#

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