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Which of the following exposes instance methods for creating, moving, and enumerating through directories and subdirectories?ASP.NETASP.NET
Which of the following reads primitive data types as binary values in a specific encoding? ASP.NETASP.NET
What is an ASP.NET programming syntax used to create dynamic web pages with the C# or Visual Basic?ASP.NETASP.NET
What is the first method during the Page LoadASP.NETASP.NET
If debugging is not happening in our application, due to which it will happenASP.NETASP.NET
Hoe does the sessions store the information by defaultASP.NETASP.NET
Which syntax is correct to create view?SQL ServerSQL Server
XML elements can have attributes. True or False?OtherOther
Which of the following sentence is incorrect for XML?OtherOther
What does SOAP stand for?OtherOther
Which of the following statement is incorrect about SOAP?OtherOther
How to get the Master Page Control Textbox value in ContentPage through Javascript? ASP.NETASP.NET
How to select Master Page in aspx code behind pageASP.NETASP.NET
In which event we can change the Master Form dynamically?ASP.NETASP.NET
In Jquery, <input type="button" id="btn1">, How to select this control? .NET Framework.NET Framework
Which tag in HTMl will give Line breaks and spaces, which allows to show our text in our own format/.NET Framework.NET Framework
In Javascript, how to hide the control?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which View engine we can find in MVC 3? .NET Framework.NET Framework
WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) supports which of the following formatter?.NET Framework.NET Framework
Which style sheet requires the below need to be added in side <head> tag <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="SampleStyles.css" >.NET Framework.NET Framework
In Javascript, How to open any URL in other window? .NET Framework.NET Framework
In Javascript, How to open any URL in other tab?.NET Framework.NET Framework
How to know the client ip address of a computer?.NET Framework.NET Framework
What are new workflow added in sharepoint designer 2010?OtherOther
What is the default timeout for a Cookie?ASP.NETASP.NET
How can you register a custom server control to a Web page?ASP.NETASP.NET
How do you sign out from forms authentication?ASP.NETASP.NET
Which is the parent class of the Web server control?ASP.NETASP.NET
In which event are the controls fully loaded?ASP.NETASP.NET
How to find the count of records in a dataset? ASP.NETASP.NET
What is the Stands for RIA?OtherOther
Which language is Silverlight developed in?OtherOther
Is Silverlight free?OtherOther is Event based or not?ASP.NETASP.NET
Which of the following statements is correct about the using statement used in C#.NET? C#C#
Can we achieve operater overloading in vb.netASP.NETASP.NET
Which of the following is used to define constants? C#C#
Which of the following can be occured after bad execution?C#C#
Which type of JIT compiles only those methods which are called at runtime?C#C#
Garbage collector is the example of Daemon thread. TRUE or FALSE?C#C#
Which lock in SQL server allows transactions to read data with SELECT statements?SQL ServerSQL Server
How XML can be differentiated from HTML?OtherOther
What is a namespace? C#C#
What are Indexers in c#?C#C#
When to implement Singleton in C#?C#C#
Which of the following are public properties in HttpApplicationState? ASP.NETASP.NET
What are events associated with Session State? ASP.NETASP.NET
What are the ways to deploy an assembly?ASP.NETASP.NET
Which type of SQL Server recovery model are all database changes logged except those that cause large log entriesSQL ServerSQL Server
Is it possible to create two identity column in a single table?SQL ServerSQL Server

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