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Why there is multilevel inheritance and no implementation of multiple inheritance in java?JavaJava
What will be the result of the following program public class Integers{ public static void main(String args[]) { System.out.println(0x10+10+010); } } JavaJava
What is the output of the following import java.util.*; class Test { public static void main(Stirng args[]) { String s1="abc"; String s2="def"; Stack st= new Stack(); st.push(s1); st.push(s2); try { String s3=(String)st.pop()+(String)st.pop(); System.out.println(s3); }catch(Exception e){} } }JavaJava
When an object is passed as a parameter to a method, thenJavaJava
Which of the following must be true of the object thrown by a throw statement?JavaJava
What is the use of isNaN function in JavaScript?JavaJava
Using javascript how to reload the current page?JavaJava
What is negative infinity in JavaScript?JavaJava
What is the result of 5+9+"6" in JavaScript? JavaJava
What is the result of "5"+9+6 in JavaScript?JavaJava
Use of isNaN function in JavaScript?JavaJava

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