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File Finder ver 1.0Veerabagu10 Aug 2009
File Finder is a very good tool to find the file in a particular folder

Exposing a Weather Web Service ReportVeerabagu08 Aug 2009
This project explain how web services works and how we have to call the webservices from our windows based application

The QuizVeerabagu04 Aug 2009
Using this simple game developed. Without using any timer control this game was created.

The DiceVeerabagu03 Aug 2009
This small project called The Dice. Dice means random number we have to generate me also do the same thing in this project. This game basically developed in windows based application (C#.Net)

Library Management deepanshu02 Aug 2009
This window application is for library management in college

Object finder mahantesh23 Jul 2009
This explains how we can draw the Business maps for locating particular object the using .net drawing classes. These Classes are available under the namespace “System. Drawing”. We had done business maps for mainly two types of databases.

Desktop Reminder ApplicationPayal Jain13 Jul 2009
Using this application you can add your daily reminders and then those reminders would be displayed after a particular time.

VB.NET How-To Create a Login Dialog BoxR.Vijayaragavan11 Jul 2009
This solution demonstrates creating a login dialog box to authenticate users and restrict access to features in an application. The user must first log in, within 3 attempts, either using custom authentication or Windows Authentication. After the user logs in, the role membership is checked to see if the user is a "Manager" or a Windows Administrator. If so, the Main form displays a list of the users in the XML file, otherwise the Main form is left blank.

School Applictionsenthilkumar07 Jul 2009
This is the small project of school application implemented using the access database in this you can add, modify or delete the student records.

Training and Placement Cell ManagementNikhil Gaur14 Jun 2009
This is a window for management of Training and Placement Cell of any College.

LAN MessengerAbbas09 Jun 2009
LAN Messenger is the Windows Based Application, using which user can send text message on the LAN machines. This Application is useful in an organisation where communication between various department is done using Phone or any other Medium.

Store and Retrieve pdf/txt/doc/Images in Sql server databaseViji RAJKUMAR05 Jun 2009
Summary: This project is about storing and retrieving images and files (E.g., pdf, xls and txt) from SQL Database in Microsoft .NET Using VB.NET

Sample ProjectRaghav03 Jun 2009
This is a sample project for testing

Trading ManagementMohit Jain03 Jun 2009
Trading Management Project is a small Windows based application which has been developed to calculate the profit and loss in the particular trade made in the day. This software calculates the profit and loss based on the Number of shares Bought or Sold, Buying Price and Selling Price. The project calculates the profit and loss after deducting the Brokerage charges, all Taxes and Stamp Duty. This application can help the people who wants to calculate their profit or loss before selling or buying the shares.

Hidden Picture GameBanshidhar Sahoo26 May 2009
Hidden Picture Game application is a small learning project in C# Dotnet. It is a windows application developed in C# dotnet. It is a memory game for children. So, Learn, play and Enjoy.

Excel Tool to Import and Export data from (and to) Excel FileTamil Maran18 May 2009
Excel Tool: This tool used to retrieve and revert back to the excel with or without any change. It as three push button and one datagrid. First push button is named as btnBrowse. Its is used to get the excel name with path. Second button is named as btngen used to read the excel file and fill into datagrid. Third push button is named as btnexport on click this button datagrid value will be exported to excel

Text And Speech ProjectBanshidhar Sahoo15 May 2009
Text And Speech application is a small learning project in C# Dotnet. It will help to manipulate strings such as Case Conversion, i.e. converting a string from Lower Case to Upper Case and vice versa. Also, you can convert a string to either Title Case or Sentence Case. This application also will Read an input string for you.

Tic Tac Toe GameBanshidhar Sahoo06 May 2009
TicTacToe is a very famous game among students. This project is a Windows application developed using C# and .Net. I have followed oops concepts while coding. It is a very good project to learn C# basics and coding standards. The code is very well organised and properly commented.

A Complete Computer Asset Manager in VB.Net WinformsHefin Dsouza29 Apr 2009
A Simple Data Base oriented application which allows you to save Asset Details and also generate Reports of the Data stored.

Basic Calculator 1.0 in VB.NETMichael Rushizha29 Apr 2009
Basic Calculator project is a simple calculator program just like the one available in Windows in Normal mode but a bit extended. Basic Calculator was develop with VB.NET 2008 Team System - Yeah!

Simple Folder Monitor Application Using VB.Net WinformsHefin Dsouza28 Apr 2009
Initiotech's Folder Watcher is a Folder monitoring application that will keep on monitoring changes made to a Folder. If any changes are made to the folder their will be a MessageBox notifing about the Change.

MyPdfTextReader 1.0Sandeep Vijayan28 Apr 2009
My simple PDF Reader =========== My Pdf Text Extractor is a simple windows uitility developed in VS 2008 in .net framework 3.5 to extract text from any selected pdf file.It uses the free to all open source pdfbox dll (PDFBox -0.7.2). It is very much compact and one of its strength is Single Instance running feature.

WinCalculatorBanshidhar Sahoo23 Apr 2009
WinCalculator project is a Windows application developed using C# and .Net. I have followed oops concepts while coding. It is a very good project to learn C# basics and coding standards. The code is very well organised and commented.

Simple Logon Screen Changer Using WPF and VB.NetHefin Dsouza22 Apr 2009
This application is a Simple XP Logon Screen Changer.Which allows you to change XP Logon Screens.

Mp3 Player in WPF using DirectX Dll'sHefin Dsouza05 Apr 2009
This is a Simple Music Player Application which i developed in WPF using VB.Net.

A Complete Employee Details From A table Display’s on a UI(Front end Database is Dataset):Ranjith13 Feb 2009
This project consisting complete information of the Employee. About Employee details and what are the needs of the employee that I’ve mention below. I’ve implemented all the Data set related functionality many more concepts from ADO.NET concepts.

TextPad - A New Text EditorPrajeesh Prabhakar13 Feb 2009
TextPad is a text editor program with use can edit plain text files (*.txt) and also rich text files (*.rtf). It also include features of notepad and wordpad in Windows. Using TextPad you can also open Images.

Library Management SystemAmit Gupta04 May 2007
A simple library management system that provides following facilities login, register, add category, add / remove book, search / issue book, return book. Language used is C# and db is SQL server 2000 and SQL Client has been used in code.

Student Project - Personal AssistantNoby Abraham03 May 2007
This is a small project, suitable for beginners. The core feature include add, edit and delete addresses and personal contacts.

Academic Project - Address BookNoby Abraham02 May 2007
This is a small project for managing contact details. This is a C# version of the 'Personal Assistant' project I posted before, with some minor changes and fine tuning. I have tried to follow all coding standards and best practices. This is an ideal learning project for beginners in C#.

School Management System Noby Abraham01 May 2007
This is a project for managing education institutes. This is an ideal academic project for MCA students. Only few modules are currently completed. We are working on the remaining modules and new versions will be posted here as soon as available.

Library Management System Tony John12 Apr 2007
This is an academic project for students. We will provide you the architecture and design. You have to develop it your own. This will help you learn development in the right way ! If you are not confident about developing it yourself from the scratch, refer to the source code provided with other projects listed in this page.

Patient Information System Noby Abraham12 Feb 2007
This is an ideal academic project for students. This software can be used to keep track of the patients information and treatmetn details in a hospital or clinic. Some of the advanced features include patient consulting, lab information, billing etc.

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