TimeZone Information From Registry

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The Registry key
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Time Zones in Local Machine holds the time zone information which WINDOWS is using to display in it's calender.

This Code picks the time zone information one by one for each time zone stores it in a structure and then based upon the difference from GMT time for that timezone wheather (+ or -) sorts the complete list to give it the view of WINDOWS calender like UI.

The registry holds the key information like

  • bias i.e. difference from GMT

  • daylightbias i.e. additional difference along with bias from GMT during daylight saving time (if daylight saving is applicable)

  • daylightsaving date i.e. at what date time does daylight saving start for a particular time zone

  • standarddate i.e. when daylight saving ends for that time zone

within the "TZI" field in the registry

This code picks this value from the TZI field and stores it sequentially in a structure.

Then as per the algorithm to find the day for daylightsaving start and end using the TZI information it finds the corresponding dates and time.
Read more about the algorithm at

Hope you enjoy reading it


  • Code (554-221430-TimeZoneApp.rar)

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    can you please send me data base n all other informations about dis project on my id:juicyjanu@yahoo.com..

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    The actual values for time zone in a particular system reside in:

    system\current control set\control\TimeZoneInformation

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    Its really nice. I would like learn such type of things.

    It will be greatful for me to send the files.

    Siva Sreenath

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