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What is your opinion on new "WPF Tutorials" section of DNS? (11 votes)Abhisek Panda15 Mar 2010
How about facility to post comments on the tutorials in the tutorial section? (15 votes)Abhisek Panda04 Mar 2010
In Tutorial section there should be a list of recently added tutorials or new tutorials. So the new topic can reach to maximum users. (11 votes)Abhisek Panda02 Mar 2010
Which new topic you want in DNS "Tutorial Section".Vote for the topic you need more. (12 votes)Abhisek Panda28 Feb 2010
DNS should give a trophy and a special gift package to MVMs who are the leaders of DNS, so that they will remember the day and will be motivated a lot. What is your opinion? (27 votes)Abhisek Panda26 Dec 2009
I think if DNS will arrange an "Annual Meeting" for some selected member where the members can know each other and share their knowledge, it will be useful for the DNSians. What is your opinion? (15 votes)Abhisek Panda23 Nov 2009
What is your opinion about the community section in DNS? (13 votes)Abhisek Panda15 Nov 2009
In the Award section it is mentioned that "Cash awards will be accumulated and will be paid to you in the form of cheque when it reaches Rs 5000" which is a high amount and every member can't make this amount. What do you think? To what limit cash credits (7 votes)Abhisek Panda13 Nov 2009
What new things you want in DotNetSpider? (22 votes)Abhisek Panda11 Nov 2009
Members are not participating in competitions in a huge number. What do you think why this happens? (14 votes)Abhisek Panda04 Nov 2009
Sometimes the resources are being deleted without the reason. So the members will not be able to know about there faults. The Editors should give the reason for rejection for every post. (2 votes)Abhisek Panda07 Oct 2009
Some of the members are posting the same question or resource more than once. The editors have to look after it. (0 votes)Abhisek Panda25 Sep 2009
There should be an editor to draw diagrams while submitting resources and responces, so that the resource will be more useful and understandable. What do you think about introducing such type of editor? (2 votes)Abhisek Panda23 Sep 2009
In project section some of the projects are not working or in most of the cases the database file is corrupted. Do you think that editor have to look for it and don't approve such projects? (1 votes)Abhisek Panda21 Sep 2009
Do you think that the polls are taken into consideration? Is there any chance in the website depending on the poll results? (19 votes)Abhisek Panda17 Sep 2009
There should be a "PREVIEW" button in the resources section, so that the members can review how the resource will be displayed. It will save the time to format correctly. (32 votes)Abhisek Panda26 Aug 2009
Do you think that JAVA and Advanced JAVA should be included in DNS? (These are not .Net technology, but are having a lot of importance in the programming world) (30 votes)Abhisek Panda05 Aug 2009
Do you feel the project,bookmark and poll sections of DNS take longer time for approval as compared to other sections? (32 votes)Abhisek Panda20 Jul 2009
Which language is better? (0 votes)Abhisek Panda19 Jul 2009
Do you think that there should be separate counting of points for different Member Level in dotnetspider. Because the members with higher level stay always in top. So there should be separate system. (28 votes)Abhisek Panda17 Jul 2009

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