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Have you registered in www.mywindowsclub.com? (13 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut29 Jun 2010
Do you like the look and feel of DNS group for Orissa? (19 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut21 Jun 2010
Should there be an alert message for user when someone rated his/her answer? (15 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut26 Feb 2010
Most of companies have started their hiring process.For how many months will they continue with same rate of hiring process as now ? (11 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut25 Feb 2010
Should the point allocation of resource be on the basis of the average rating by other users as we do in forum which is rated only by the user who posted the question ? (11 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut23 Feb 2010
Which of following company is the best IT company according to your opinion? (9 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut20 Feb 2010
Which social networking website do you like most? (9 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut19 Feb 2010
Which brand of laptop do you prefer most? (11 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut09 Feb 2010
Is your contribution in dotnetspider affecting your career growth? (6 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut06 Feb 2010
Which one of the following browser is best ? (5 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut02 Feb 2010
Which one of following web server is best web server? (9 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut01 Feb 2010
Which is the most effective technology for getting a job now-a-days? (10 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut29 Jan 2010
Which is the best freelance website? (5 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut13 Jan 2010
There are more than one answer to a question posted by various members.So there may be some wrong answer.So should there be a correct symbol beside the posted member so that all member will know that this is the correct answer of this question? (25 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut14 Aug 2009
Should default point of question be two? (0 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut29 Jun 2009
Should DNS start a chat facility to interact with online other member? (26 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut26 Jun 2009
What is the percentage that you find answer of your post in DNS ? (25 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut13 Jun 2009
There is no option to attach a file while posting a question.Do you think this is necessary? (24 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut08 Jun 2009
Do u think that to be a platinum member the point require 25000 which is a heavy task ,so it should be less than 25000? (10 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut02 Jun 2009
Currently there is no alert if nothing is written for sending a reply to a message.So you click reply it replied to that member. Do you think alert is necessary there ? (8 votes)Abhay Kumar Raut01 Jun 2009

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