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Yes I agree. He wont get big salary. But he will get Motivation. I am not telling him to join anothForum ResponsesManigandan06 Mar 2017
Hi Paul, I am also from Chennai. I know situation over here. We have lots and lots of small compaForum ResponsesManigandan06 Mar 2017
Hi, As Pawan Mentioned, you are not gonna rewrite the Stored Procedure right. You gonna take the Forum ResponsesManigandan03 Mar 2017
My Suggestion would be, If you have a view source page which has confidential data. Better don't allForum ResponsesManigandan02 Mar 2017
Hi, If you want to hide it from the end user who is viewing your site from a browser? If so, therForum ResponsesManigandan02 Mar 2017
Hi, Have you try to change the command property? Just change the "CommandName" property of theForum ResponsesManigandan02 Mar 2017
Hi, Kindly try the below query and take care of those syntax errors which might come with you runForum ResponsesManigandan02 Mar 2017
Hi, I think this ('selector') option is mostly used for the CSS property related things rather thForum ResponsesManigandan01 Mar 2017
Hi, If it is possible for will the table come like, [Code] LINE-1 NO 25 LINE-1 YForum ResponsesManigandan28 Feb 2017
Hi, #Hope you have bought the setup things with GoDaddy. so you already have a hosting plan that Forum ResponsesManigandan28 Feb 2017
Hi, I guess this is solved by very simple sql query . Just DateAdd function will make this work likForum ResponsesManigandan28 Feb 2017
Hi, As Naveen mentioned we need a proper error details or message you got. But as per your requiForum ResponsesManigandan27 Feb 2017
Hi, As our members mentioned. It is very tough to predict the issue in the 100lines of code. TheForum ResponsesManigandan27 Feb 2017
Hi, Their might be many reason for this issue. But basic level there is an issue I faced in the cForum ResponsesManigandan27 Feb 2017
Hi, I feel you need to make this one as a Stored Procedure and that will help you to solve your pForum ResponsesManigandan27 Feb 2017
Hi, In those tables Hotel and Mood their should be a Primary Key right and that should be the forForum ResponsesManigandan09 Feb 2017
I accept Naveen's point. What you are asking is very basic level question which a beginner will go Forum ResponsesManigandan08 Feb 2017
Hi, You can review in many ways, But the following way will be simpler. [code] HttpUtility.Forum ResponsesManigandan03 Feb 2017
Hi, I don't understand what is purpose of if Exists condition there, Better you can use the counForum ResponsesManigandan03 Feb 2017
Hi, How are you incrementing numbers here? I don't find any incrementation over the code. Are tForum ResponsesManigandan03 Feb 2017
Are you sure the Jquery is called when the text box event happen? Make sure that you have referenceForum ResponsesManigandan03 Feb 2017
Hi, I feel you can perform this operation in javascript or jquery itself. [code] <asp:TextBox IForum ResponsesManigandan03 Feb 2017
Hi, You can do that simply by checking the system date with time. Every time when the bill numbeForum ResponsesManigandan03 Feb 2017
Hi, We have two pre-build function for it which returns the bool value to understand which platfoForum ResponsesManigandan30 Jan 2017
Hi, We have huge collection of source for Design Pattern in web world. Before starting the desigForum ResponsesManigandan30 Jan 2017
Hi, [code] <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="txtAmounts" Width="95px" MaxLength="10" AutoPostBacForum ResponsesManigandan30 Jan 2017
Hi, The Response.End() functionality will kill the current session. The reason we are calling thiForum ResponsesManigandan30 Jan 2017
Hi, One of my case, we create a exe format application using console app and then we add that appForum ResponsesManigandan24 Jan 2017
Hi, As per your requirement. Nobody can give 100% perfect result on the Timeline and cost. But IForum ResponsesManigandan24 Jan 2017
Hi, You need to install Microsoft Office in the server. For Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 we need to Forum ResponsesManigandan20 Jan 2017
Hi, Your requirement looks interesting. But we have many options for Startup,Lock,Restart and evForum ResponsesManigandan19 Jan 2017
Hi, We have plenty of companies for hosting websites. Its all depends on your requirement. If Forum ResponsesManigandan18 Jan 2017
Hi, Let us know what the issue you are getting. Other's can also help us to sort out this. initiForum ResponsesManigandan18 Jan 2017
Hi, As you mentioned. when you give Anonymous Logon it should work. If still its not working canForum ResponsesManigandan18 Jan 2017
[code] var query1 = from RspUploadId,OrderId in PO_AMS c Forum ResponsesManigandan17 Jan 2017
Hi, Kindly check and use the following queries and let us know if it works correctly. This is Forum ResponsesManigandan17 Jan 2017
Hi, We have plenty of companies for hosting websites. Its all depends on your requirement. If yoForum ResponsesManigandan16 Jan 2017
Hi, Which function or event you are calling this? You are mentioning that you are calling at theForum ResponsesManigandan11 Jan 2017
Hi, As per your question, you cant create a e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart without MiForum ResponsesManigandan11 Jan 2017
Hi, Is your question about deploying application first time in the server? if so kindly check thForum ResponsesManigandan11 Jan 2017
Hi, We can easily achieve this using basic queries using Lambda Expressions, Before going into tForum ResponsesManigandan11 Jan 2017
Hi, Can you try this code and let us know if it is performing as you expect. [code] $('#tblActiForum ResponsesManigandan09 Jan 2017
Hi, First you can check the rows whether the dataset is empty or full. If it has values then we cForum ResponsesManigandan09 Jan 2017
Hi, We can make both Autofit and Borders easily in the C# code. [code] _range = objSheet.geForum ResponsesManigandan09 Jan 2017
Hi, We can use many statements for finding out the Boolean values. Infact the following list of Forum ResponsesManigandan09 Jan 2017
Hi, When you declaring the variable as DateTime obviously you will get the date along with the tiForum ResponsesManigandan09 Jan 2017
Hi, Hope you are not using any 3rd tool for this DataGrid. Because all the DataGrid from 3rd partForum ResponsesManigandan06 Jan 2017
Hi, Before all these, you need to know the basic architecture of the project like how they develoForum ResponsesManigandan06 Jan 2017
Hi, If admin logged in you want to display the panel and if normal users you want to hide it? Forum ResponsesManigandan06 Jan 2017
Hi, As you mentioned you application was done using ASP.NET, You can call JavaScript through yourForum ResponsesManigandan06 Jan 2017

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