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Forum Responses: Hi, In those tables Hotel and Mood their should be a Primary Key right and that should be the for
Forum Responses: I accept Naveen's point. What you are asking is very basic level question which a beginner will go
Forum Responses: Hi, You can review in many ways, But the following way will be simpler. [code] HttpUtility.
Forum Responses: Hi, I don't understand what is purpose of if Exists condition there, Better you can use the coun
Forum Responses: Hi, How are you incrementing numbers here? I don't find any incrementation over the code. Are t
Forum Responses: Are you sure the Jquery is called when the text box event happen? Make sure that you have reference
Forum Responses: Hi, I feel you can perform this operation in javascript or jquery itself. [code] <asp:TextBox I
Forum Responses: Hi, You can do that simply by checking the system date with time. Every time when the bill numbe
Forum Responses: Hi, We have two pre-build function for it which returns the bool value to understand which platfo
Forum Responses: Hi, We have huge collection of source for Design Pattern in web world. Before starting the desig
Forum Responses: Hi, [code] <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="txtAmounts" Width="95px" MaxLength="10" AutoPostBac
Forum Responses: Hi, The Response.End() functionality will kill the current session. The reason we are calling thi
Forum Responses: Hi, One of my case, we create a exe format application using console app and then we add that app
Forum Responses: Hi, As per your requirement. Nobody can give 100% perfect result on the Timeline and cost. But I
Forum Responses: Hi, You need to install Microsoft Office in the server. For Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 we need to
Forum Responses: Hi, Your requirement looks interesting. But we have many options for Startup,Lock,Restart and ev
Forum Responses: Hi, We have plenty of companies for hosting websites. Its all depends on your requirement. If
Forum Responses: Hi, Let us know what the issue you are getting. Other's can also help us to sort out this. initi
Forum Responses: Hi, As you mentioned. when you give Anonymous Logon it should work. If still its not working can
Forum Responses: [code] var query1 = from RspUploadId,OrderId in PO_AMS c

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