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Quality alway CLANG.....Keep ours High.
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Forum Responses: You can use entity framework and You can call a stored procedure in your DbContext class as follows
Forum Responses: Deployment of an application is big issue in application software development. Normally you have t
Forum Responses: Assert class is used to Verifies conditions in unit tests using true/false propositions, you have
Forum Responses: what you want to do exactly ? create a folder with windows application or with an web based applicat
Forum Responses: simply you can create a rows and add it in gridview, see below snippet [code] private void butt
Forum Responses: Open Source usually means that you have access to the source code and the right to modify and redist
Forum Responses: Basically now people and industry want to run their application on smart phones, devices, tabs. so y
Forum Responses: here are some study material reference, you can refer https://www.t
Forum Responses: You could use LINQ to join the two DataTable objects, matching every column. Then take the IQueryabl
Forum Responses: Just open a windows form application, create new project, drag a textbox on it go to its properties
Forum Responses: Fingerprint is the biometric device in which you need to store the fingerprint image and scan it usi
Forum Responses: Its simple drag and Drop TextBox Your Windows Form then Press F4 For Property Window then set like
Forum: Wish you a very Happy New Year
Forum Responses: This is one of the common restrictions you have to apply on a web application. If user is already lo
Forum Responses: There are multiple ways to accomplish your task You could write your own GridWithMargin class, inhe
Forum: Merry Christmas to all DNS'ians
Forum Responses: I think selenium has already provide some .NET client driver configuration below link will help you
Forum Responses: Basically all the rewrite module does is to edit your web.config file. You're probably better off ed
Forum Responses: Basically all the rewrite module does is to edit your web.config file. You're probably better off ed
Forum Responses: basically to open a open office spread sheet on client machine, you need to have a OpenOffice instal

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