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Forum Responses: Hi By using this function we can sort AlphaNumeric data. [code] create FUNCTION [dbo].[AlphaN
Forum Responses: Hi Lakshmi, By arriving calendar of the year I find out solution for your requirement. Use the be
Forum Responses: Hi Sharma, Try this below query [code] ;with cte1 as( select * from #book ),cte2 as ( sel
Forum Responses: Hi Lakshmireddy, To update two rows at a time we can use case statement. [code] create table
Forum Responses: Hi Lakshmi, This query will help you [code] Declare @cUser varchar(255) set @cUser='John wil
Forum Responses: Hi Selva, There is no difference in the output of two queries. Difference is on perfomance of que
Forum Responses: Hi MohanRaj, Try this query it may help you [code] Declare @Var1 Varchar(10), @mth varchar(6)
Forum Responses: Hi Parthiban Try this query this may help you [code] select Sum(Cnt)Cnt from ( select count(
Forum Responses: Hi Kanagaraj Try this below query it may helpful to you [code] create table Table1 (Billdate da
Forum Responses: Hi Selva Identity column in a table is a incremental value. It wont change its properties. To rep
Forum Responses: Hi Nepolian, We can use where clause to compare two columns. Otherwise case statements are used
Forum Responses: Hi Manik, For Table 1 & 2 you consider Avg_PD1 and for Table 3 & 4 you consider Avg_PD2. My re
Forum: How to divide a table using SQL based on average of two columns
Forum Responses: Hi sanjeev kumar, To get average salary of Table A and B then select AVG(Salary) Salary from (
Forum Responses: Hi Baiju, The format mentioned by you CONVERT(CHAR(10), InTime, 109) returns value like this '201
Forum Responses: Hi Santhosh, Check the below query. [code] Create table #t1(C1 varchar(20)) insert into #t1 v
Forum Responses: Hi Ramana, CTE is a temporary storage element. In your query you have stored Master_id and Nam

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