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Hi everyone My name is Ramana Reddy. I'm working as Sr.Tech Lead, Solution Architect. I love sharing of knowledge information on technologies via videos,training and blogs.Also,I use to create videos on .net technologies and other areas which relevant to asp.net and post into my you tube channel.i like to spend time with friends and listening music and watching movies

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Forum Responses: Also, not sure of which .net framework are you using. in .netframework 4.5/4.6 it has method HtmlEnc
Forum Responses: i'm not sure that have you imported the relevant name space before you use the method. System.Web.S
Forum Responses: i think it should work same in all environment s but not sure of exception coming on hosted machine.
Forum Responses: Excellent, Great opportunity for the peoples who are looking for .net position on latest technologie
Forum Responses: Excellent, Great opportunity for the peoples who are looking for .net position on latest technologie
Forum Responses: use below query , it will return drug used count as per drug name. select DrugDr.drname, sum(UseD
Forum Responses: As it is a old stored procedure to refer the table columns hence Microsoft might not exposed on Azur
Forum Responses: i think your GAP is not matter when you are already working. please focus on the technology which yo
Forum Responses: I hope you have created the 2 tables with parent and child relation ship like primary key should req
Forum Responses: if you would have mention what is happening after your session get expired with the above logic the
Forum Responses: i think the another better way to achieve this is, create parameter constructor in your dll and ask
Forum Responses: pl check below url and validaion.js might be useful for your requirement. https://validatejs.org/
Forum Responses: Write stored proc with loop and read all the table values and apply below logic before updating valu
Forum Responses: please try to check with below logic try { StreamReader sr = new StreamReader("C:\\Access.txt"
Forum Responses: as per the comment posted above, understood that you want to create/add folders and files into other
Forum Responses: I think if you handle error handling in GLOBAL file as below In your application you can override th
Forum Responses: you have to check before proceeding to send mail that whether the data relevant column status updat
Forum Responses: I think Evaluated status indicates the verification of your academic certificates and other experien
Forum Responses: if you are interested to go for thirdparty components then use epdfcreator and it has lot of feature
Forum Responses: load balancing improves the distribution of workloads across multiple computing resources, such as

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