HTML Editor


Address: 85A Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata-700026


Phone: 9830731622

Skills: html/ photoshop/ xml



Job Location: kolkata   (View Jobs in kolkata)

HTML Editor

1. HTML coding for daily site updations
2. HTML coding for New & Changes in site layout
3. HTML coding for Newsletters, Offers, special pages
4. HTML coding for CGI Templates
5. Graphic designing of Custom Greetings images
6. Graphic designing of logos, banners, ad creatives.
7. Admin based HTML updations for greetings, 123india homepage.

About Employer is an Internet Technology Service Provider.Over the years our knowledge and experience have enabled us to attract the best IT Professionals.Our vision is to emerge as a leader in the domain of Internet Technology application. Inaugurated on 5th of August 1999 as a Private Limited Company and moving onto become a Public Limited Company on 9th February 2000, it aims at providing web content of superlative degree.

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