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    How to make qution paper with options

    hi everyone,
    how to make qution paper with options in please check the attachment
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    with my database is
    qutionid(identity) qution date

    optionid(identity) qutionid optionno option date

    thank you

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    Hi sadiq,

    You need to do R&D work before asking this type of questions.

    As you ask, "how to make question paper with options in"?

    Whether those options & questions are static / dynamic?

    Whether user can able to select one option or multiple?

    You need to draw all possibilities in one paper then design the page and if you struck in any place then let us know in our forum. Without tried out by your self just raise question in forum won't help for your career.

    Hope you got my point.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Do you want online exam like project ? in which multiple choice question are asked randomly ?
    you can create a SQL database, in which you need to create a table with 6 columns
    1st column for Question and remaining for 4 columns for MCQ and last column for answer of the question
    Now you need to choose random question but there should not be any repetition in questions
    see query below
    max(imgID) imgID,
    FROM [table]
    GROUP BY [Image]
    ) x
    ORDER BY newid();

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