How to highlight the available dates in kendo calendar control in mvc JavaScript ajax


In the existing module , already they have placed drop down list to get the available dates from database.

But now want to place kendo calendar control to highlight the available dates.

I have written this
@(HTML.Kendo().DatePicker(model => model.SelectedDate).Format("yyyy-mm-dd"))

In the HTML JavaScript , already the code us written like this
type : 'POST' ,
url: '@Url.Action("GetDates")',
Datatype: 'json',
Cache: false,
Success:function(available dates) {
$.each(availabledates, function (i , date)


Here I have to highlight the color for the available dates from the database .
Other dates will be grey color .

Please tell how to do the code in this JavaScript Ajax function for highlight the color in the calendar control . Other dates should be not clickable .