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    How to use javascript button in

    i have one login page with in JavaScript button .. how to use login page with connection sql server
    there are no coding show if i double click
    my page there.. how to use login and sign button ??

    <header class="codrops-header">
    <p>for example</p>
    <nav class="codrops-demos">
    <a class="current-demo" href="index.html">Login/Signup</a>

    <p>Click one of the buttons below to see a <strong>modal dialog</strong>:</p>
    <div class="mockup-content">
    <p>Pea horseradish azuki bean lettuce avocado asparagus okra.</p>
    <div class="morph-button morph-button-modal morph-button-modal-2 morph-button-fixed">
    <button type="button">Login</button>
    <div class="morph-content">
    <div class="content-style-form content-style-form-1">
    <span class="icon icon-close">Close the dialog</span>
    <form id = "Login">
    <p><label>Email</label><input type="text" id ="Email" /></p>
    <p><label>Password</label><input type="password" id ="Password" /></p>
    <p><button value ="submit" onclick= "clicked()">Login</button></p>
    </div><!-- morph-button -->
    <strong class="joiner">or</strong>
    <div class="morph-button morph-button-modal morph-button-modal-3 morph-button-fixed">
    <button type="button">Signup</button>
    <div class="morph-content">
    <div class="content-style-form content-style-form-2">
    <span class="icon icon-close">Close the dialog</span>
    <h2>Sign Up</h2>
    <p><label>Email</label><input type="text" /></p>
    <p><label>Password</label><input type="password" /></p>
    <p><label>Repeat Password</label><input type="password" /></p>
    <p><button>Sign Up</button></p>
    </div><!-- morph-button -->
    <p>for test</p>
    </div><!-- /form-mockup -->
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    Use following attributes to your HTM buttons so that they will be available at serverside.

    <button type="button" ID="Button1" runat="server">Login</button>

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    thank you

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    Refer this:

    <asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" OnClick="Button1_Click1" Text="Button" / >

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