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    Could not Debug the project.


    I just converted the VS2012 C# Class library to VS2008 compatible. It converted successfully and do not get any error while building the project and getting successful build. While trying to debug the particular project I am getting "Debugger not compatible message" as attached screenshot.

    I set the project as Startup and pressing F5 to debug but could not debug. It is a Console project.

    Error Message: Error while trying to run the project: Unable to start debugging.

    Please assist me the how to debug the application.

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    Please find the attachment of error message.

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    1. Select the project, and right click
    2. Select Property page
    3. Select Build -> change the target framework into available framework


    1. Select the project, and right click
    2. Select Property page
    3. Select Start Options
    Check the Debuggers is check against the ASP.NET

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    Delete all output directories from application path and then rebuild.
    Restart devenv as "devenv /resetskippkgs" from Run Command (Windows+R).
    Hope it helps.
    Shashikant Gurav

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    You are trying to run from higher version to lower because of this debugger is not working as suggested by Mr. Nathan change the framework then it should work without issues.

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    This problem happens if Windows was started in debug mode on the system. This stops the Visual Studio .NET debugger from debugging managed applications.
    follow below steps to resolve it
    1.Right-click the Project Name in Solution Explorer, and then click Properties.
    2.In the left pane of Properties, click to select Configuration Properties.
    3.Click to select Debugging.
    4.In the right pane, click to select the Unmanaged code debugging check box.
    there may be a security issue, see trailing link

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    Thanks for all your swift response.
    Hi Prasad,

    I checked the Unmanaged code debugging checkbox and tried .
    Now, I am getting "Debugger protocol incompatible with debuggee"


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