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    How to maintain sessions in MVC


    this is one of the interview question which has been asked to me

    How will you implement/maintain sessions in MVC application.


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    Following are the ways to maintain session in MVC: tempdata, viewdata, viewbag, hidden fields or HTML controls
    Temp data - Internally uses session variables to maintain data when you move from one controller to another controller or from one action to another action i.e. when you redirect.
    View data - Maintains data when you move from controller to view.
    View Bag - A dynamic wrapper around view data.Uses dynamic keyword internally.
    Hidden fields and HTML controls - Maintains data from UI to controller only. You may send data from hidden fields or hTML controls to controller using GET or POST methods.
    Hope it helps.
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    1. You can handle the session as like ASP.NET using Session key word.
    2. And also you have more option to handle the session based on your requirment

    Temp data - Between Controllers
    View data - Between Controller to view.
    View Bag - Consist of View datas.

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    You can maintain sessions in the following levels in MVC Architectural pattern.

    1) Temp Data -- maintain state between controller to controller.
    2) ViewData -- maintain state between controller to view
    3) ViewBag -- maintain state between view to Layout.
    4) Hidden Field/ QueryString -- maintain state between View to controller.
    5) Session -- works in all the above cases.

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    Due to the stateless nature of the web, sessions are also an extremely useful way of persisting objects across requests by serializing them and storing them in a session. MVC is also use session variable same as ASP.NET
    checkout below snippet

    //adding data to session
    //assuming the method below will return list of Products

    var products=Db.GetProducts();

    //Store the products to a session


    //To get what you have stored to a session

    var products=Session["products"] as List<Product>;

    //to clear the session value


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