IoC Container, Dependency Injection-- Compensation too

Long long back I am very active in this group, I really appreciate Tony and other members who are making this site live. Let me come to the point !!

Now, I am in a situation where I need to develop a new IoC Container, which should register types IEncryptionService some thing like this (container.Register<IEncryptionService, EncryptionService>() and control object lifecycle for transient objects (a new instance is created for each request), and singleton object.

If you try to resolve a type that the container is unaware of it should throw an informative exception and this is obvious.

When resolving from the container for a registered type, if that type has constructor arguments which are also registered types the container should inject the instances into the constructor appropriately (this is where dependency injection applies).

Further down, need to write tests for all of this behavior using NUnit or xUnit, a simple ASP.NET MVC application which uses this controller.

I hope some one can answer this to me, apart from appreciation I'm ready to compensate his time in doing this.

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