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    The SELECT Permission was denied on the object 'TableName' database 'dbname' schema dbo

    Hi Developers,

    Am created a project in with SqlServer(2008 R2) Server Authentication.

    Yet it was working fine. But now i am run the project Front end(User Interface), or Backend(sqlserver) using my Local syatem or Live.

    it throws the following error like

    "The SELECT permission was denied on the object 'TableName', database 'DataBaseName', schema 'dbo'."

    But other DataBases are Working Fine.

    i am tried lot of time but i did't get output. So if anyone know Please help me how can i give permission or how to i Resolve this problem.

    Thanking You
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    Hi Paul,

    While execute any query against table, and while run any table against database you must and should have a valid permissions to run that.

    As per error details, you don't have access to that particular database, please check with your database administrator and check with him/her whether do you have a permission to execute the query against that database or not. If no, then get the permissions first and then try to execute the same again.

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    Yes Mr.naveen you are right i must do it.

    But the database is working fine was the last 6 months.

    So why now it gives error. That point only i dont know then i get confused.

    Thanks with

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    Database will work base on the user which you logged in. Check the the user has valid permission.

    Check the following

    Open SQL Server Management studio
    1. Navigate to your data base
    2. Select "Security"
    3. Select "Users"
    4. Right click the user which you are using in your application. 'db_datareader' inside "Database Role membership" section.

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    Ofcourse check your Particular Database with Table you didnot have proper permission check them

    try to administration login from your sql server

    may in your sql server many users have one admin user have control so check them give read and write permission particular table after you can create sql server authentication database.

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    Now this Problem is solved. Database is working fine.

    Thanks for all your valuable reply Friends.

    Thanks with

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    I think the problem is with the user having deny privileges. This error comes when the user which you have created does not have the sufficient privileges to access your tables in the database. Do grant the privilege to the user in order to get what you want, you need to grant user specific permissions such as SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE on tables in that database. see below syntax

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