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    How to add stopwatch control to a each row in datagridview

    I am developing a window application C# to store details of several process .and i need to show the the details of all process in grid.My requirement is that the grid should contain a timer so that i can stop a partiular process,start and resume each processs individually and display the elapsed timeanyone please help me how to implement this as i am new to this.
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    I have done same thing in my application.
    You can add two buttons for start and stop.
    When click on start, start will be disabled and stop will be enabled.
    similar is the case with stop button.

    Each time you start/stop the task, it will create/update a the entry in db for that task. it will update start /end time for task in DB.
    At end, from DB you can find total time(sum of time spend every time on task) spend on task on the basis of start and End time.

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    Please find attached solution. It will demonstrate the use of Start Timer and Stop Timer functionality for each datagridview row in an windows forms application. With reference to it you can make changes as per your requirement.

    Hope it helps.
    Shashikant Gurav

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