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    Want some clarification about creating captcha code

    Good noon How to generate captcha code using and c#,scanner must need na..whether check if its human or guys want solution thankyou
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    There are lot of ways are there to handle it.

    1. You can have list of questions and corresponding answers in your database.
    2. Ask any of the simple question randomly in the registration page(Ex. Show one string ask length of the string, Show some numericals and ask which is grater etc...)
    3. Provide the text box/option box for the user. If the answer is correct you can decide it is not a robot.
    4. The other way is to create random number and show it as a image in the client side. And ask the user to enter the number. In the process you can validate that.

    Following is the link. You can refer my following article for more information
    You can fine the sample code to create captcha

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    I am not robot -reCapcha option is available by google, you need to register your application at google's reCaptcha website. Click on Get reCAPTCHA button. (check link :
    After Registration you will get Site Key and Secret Key, then add code given in below link
    hope it helps

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