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    How to support Hebrew language in .NET web application


    We have a multilingual ASP.NET application developed using VB.NET which uses SQL Server 2008 as database. Now we want to support the language in Hebrew language. I have few queries as under:

    a) Can anybody let me know what all precautions have to be taken to support the Hebrew language in .NET.
    b) Is there any specific language setting to be used for SQL Server database?

    Thank you in advance.
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    To display Hebrew on web page you need to get support of 'windows-1255' encoding standard and same has to defined in web.config, the culture and UI-Culture for this language is 'he-IL'
    before getting started you need to,
    - A set of resource files (.resx), one file for each language, stores localized text.
    - In your page, you indicate that controls should use resources for their property values.
    - At run time, the browser indicates the user's preferred language, ASP.NET selects the appropriate .resx file, and the controls' property values are derived from the resource file.
    go through the below sample link for more details

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